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Age-Defying Skin. For Women Who Wish To Feel Beautiful Naturally: Hand-Crafted, Limited-Series, Palm-Oil-Free Moisturizers Specially
Formulated To Turn Back The Clock…​


Discover My 60-Second Morning Routine for Fresh, Glowing Skin--Without Makeup! (Even if you have "problem" skin...)

I’m Wendy, founder of Glow Skincare. After 12 years of helping hundreds of women fall in love with their skin again, I’ve decided to make my “bare skin secrets” available in this free report, Dare to Go Bare.

Once you see what’s inside, you’ll be well on your way to healthy, glowing skin…even if you have frustrating issues like acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, or eczema. My clients routinely report that their skin doesn’t just look 10 years younger, it feels 10 years younger, too. All thanks to what’s inside Dare to Go Bare.

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What Glow clients are saying:

Kelly Bordage

kelly-loves-glowIt‘s scary trying a new cream when you’ve had cystic acne, eczema, and sensitive skin for 40 years.  Since using Glow products, I have had so many compliments on my skin which looks, feels and is the healthiest it has ever been.

My husband has noticed and commented that I look ten years younger.

It is such a pleasure to order from Glow Skincare due to the exceptional quality of ingredients and the genuine concern for the optimum health of their customers! Read More…

Many will look at the shop and go “How much?!”

Let me tell you this:

Behind the scenes, I only use the fancy stuff – I am a total snob!

It’s an insult to me to use anything inferior, cheap, and commonplace.

I ask what is the very best, then go and get that.

I use maximum amounts instead of homeopathic-like dilutions that many use for ‘label appeal’ and fill up with tap water.

I put more in than most, and better quality of everything. No skimping.

I refuse to water down! No expense spared at my end to get things right.

Still think it’s expensive?

Then I’m sorry, but my products are not for you.


What REAL women have to say about Glow products:

Lauren Hazel

LaurenNew YorkI was hoping that the crème would stand the test of NYC summer weather and it most certainly did!
The crème was light and didn’t leave that greasy feeling after I put it one and best of all it works on my skin!
My skins stays soft throughout the day and I don’t have the crème dripping off my face in this 90 degree humid NYC Summer.
 Just one application was all I needed for the day and I was good to go.
So IF anyone out there has any doubts about how this crème will survive in the Hot and Humid Summers.
Don’t worry because it’s been battle tested in NYC.
And you know what they say about New York….
If you can make it here, then you can make it anywhere.
Vogue Magazine

Every drop crammed with The Glow Difference

I make ‘micro batches’ by hand, every few weeks. That’s proper freshness.

(No outsourcing to contract makers or buying ready made bases)

Every drop crammed with hottest anti-aging actives. No filler.

I use single estate rosewater.  (Never tap or bottled water.)

Because they’re healthier and kinder to wildlife, I buy organic ingredients.

There are 50 shades of organic. I shop by quality, never price.

See more delighted customer responses:

Kim Thalheimer

kim-is-over-the-moonI wish I made the leap earlier. It was only after my best friend Kelly was getting compliments from her husband for looking ten years younger that I paid attention. I‘ve been using expensive over the counter products and nobody’s complimented me! Within days of switching to Glow, my face feels silky and nourished – the tightness is gone and I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I’m a new convert. Read More…

Wendy Mitchell

Wendy-Mitchell-loves Glow-SkincareI would recommend Glow Skincare products to everyone.

Such good quality ingredients and no testing on animals

Can feel the difference.

Jacqueline Rizk

natural-beautyGoing bespoke, if you want something that nobody else has and to make your friends green with envy and wondering if you got a facelift, is the way to go .

Read More…

Mary Wray

MaryIt works great!
I love it!
Thank you for making a great product that works and is free of chemicals!
This is what I have been looking for!

Mary Wray- North Carolina

Wardee Harmon

Wardee-Harmon-loves-GloweOh my!!!!!!!!! I really needed it yesterday.
Put it on last night before bed… just instant relief and refreshment and I felt so well.

(Commenting on her JAVA hydragel)