Palm oil free beauty products for women over 35 with dry, sensitive or ageing skin
Palm oil free beauty products anti-wrinkle

Eco luxe palm oil free skincare British made rainforest face cream

Exquisite Artisan Skincare - hand made in England with the finest organic and rainforest friendly ingredients.
It is a great pleasure to order from Glow Skincare due to the exceptional quality of ingredients and the genuine concern for the optimum health of their customers! Mrs K Bordage - Ontario, Canada
Every jar of silky cream is hand made by me, Wendy Gardner, the Formulator, Aromatherapist and Artisan Distiller at Glow Skincare. These exquisite creations are formulated in my atelier in Devon, South West England, with the world's finest plant based actives. 
My mission is to bring you effective solutions for whatever issue your skin is facing, be it lack of hydration or suppleness, excess shine, uneven skin tone or sensitivity. Age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, dryness, sensitivity, combination or oily - I have ingredients that address your concerns.

Wendy Gardner Reiki Aromatherapist Copyrighter Conservationist

I believe that caring for your face should be a pleasurable experience, and satisfy the needs of all your senses. For those with heightened sensory awareness, you have found a safe haven, where you can request a minimal or low fragrance product that still retains superlative performance.
For those who already use luxe cosmetics or beauty products, you have found the right place to commission your own haute couture eco moisturiser or serum. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, mature, combination or showing wrinkles or signs of sun damage, there are natural and effective solutions.  I offer a free 20 minute no obligation Discovery consultation where you can discuss your requirements. I also have a Pret a Porter range, if you need something shipped ASAP.
I believe that effective formulas begin with premium ingredients at maximum concentration. I choose wild crafted, organic and coldpressed to preserve the natural vitamins.  Costly floral waters with their naturally low pH are the aqua of choice for luxe artisan creams like mine. My travel friendly, phthalate-free packaging means you can take your precious jar of happiness with you everywhere.

Each jar of cream is created by me with healing intention and infused with Reiki Master energy. My passion is fresh and effective skincare that does not harm to the peoples, trees or creatures of the world's rainforests. I specialise in skincare for women between 35 and 55 years of age and love to hear how my customer's receive compliments on hwo their skin is looking younger, firmer, brighter and more radiant.

Glow Skincare is proud to use a premium palm oil free emulsifier to help care for the rainforests and orang-utans. We are totally palm oil free.

 So delight your senses in 2015 with skincare that enhances your natural radiance.

Top 5 anti-aging ingredients in eco luxe beauty skincare


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