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This is a website about natural, hand-crafted facial products that rescue your skin from aging, weather, stress and faulty diet to give you that luscious glow that makes you look like you just had the best sex of your life…

Why Glow Skincare?

Handcrafted with nature's finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients.  Our founder, Wendy, is an aromatherapist, artisan distiller and Reiki Master with 17 years' experience helping women look and feel young again.

Rediscover your skin's natural, glowing tone and shelve concealer for good.

I offer two options: standard "off the rack" products for your convenience, or "personalized" to treat your worst skin problems. My bespoke treatments are fit for a celebrity, but you don't have to be one.

Featured in British Vogue

Why the Glow Essential Collection?

Because beautiful skin needs nutrition  from both what you eat as well as what you apply to it.

The Glow Essential Collection has been designed to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin in these 4 easy and pleasurable steps:

Step 1 - Cleanse with Jardin de Fleurs Cleanser

Disturbed sleep and stressful days show as exhausted skin. But the soothing and cooling action of Jardin de Fleurs calms irritated skin and brings Zen and a silky softness to your face. Your skin soon feels fresh and clean.


Step 2 - Spritz with collagen boosting Drench Facial Tonic

Fine lines form when collagen and elastin dwindle making you look old before your time. But the smoothing action of Drench is unkind to wrinkles. Enjoy compliments from women half your age.


Step 3 - Hydrate with Heart of Eternity Night Cream

Dry skin can itch, flake or feel raw at the most awkward times. As oestrogen drops, skin thins and loses moisture. But the hydrating action of Heart of Eternity seals in moisture and nourishment restoring a velvety feel to your skin.  Read our advice on how to choose a moisturiser


Step 4 - Nourish with Empress Elixir Serum

Random spots, caused by hormone changes, can leave nasty scars on your neck and jaw line. But the balancing action of Empress Elixir calms overactive oil glands and works to fade scar tissue. Do you know how to chouse a serum for your skin type? Read this.


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You’re amazing!

I just wanted to say thank you – I love the face cream so far. I’m usually fidgety, picking at my face and whatnot throughout the day – every time I touch my face it’s so smooth and soft, but without being oily. Do you know how long I’ve been hunting for something like this? I’ve been through like…20 lotions in the past 6 months trying to find something good for my face and hands. And you send me a thoughtful little gift and it’s like it just fell in my lap. You’re a godsend!

I may be comfortable not wearing makeup, but like most other women I am still hyper critical of myself and my appearance. It’s just that most days convenience and level of effort required weigh in over being more “presentable”.

I can say after a week+ using it, for the first time this morning I noticed my eyes.

That may seem like an odd statement, but seriously.

Rather than puffy under-eye bags, red/dry/flaky skin, or any other imperfections, I looked my mirror self in the eyes, thought – heh, looks good!, and went about my day without picking apart my own face.

Not promising everyone else gets those results. But it’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

There’s not a huge scent to it – I’m not sure if it dissipates over time or what. It reminds me of Clinique serums, almost. Very similar fragrance, very mild.

I do know you put crack or some other such addictive substance in this face cream and I’m suddenly worried about you becoming sick and me having to go through withdrawals. I’m selfish like that LOL.

Don’t get sick!


Angie ColeeMusician and writer