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For Women Who Choose To Feel Beautiful Naturally: Hand-Crafted, Limited-Series, Palm-Oil-Free Moisturizers Specially Formulated To Slow Down Time …

Handcrafted by Wendy Gardner

As Seen In Vogue

Heart of Eternity seen in British Vogue

Rediscover your skin’s natural glowing tone and toss your concealer forever

Glow Skincare products bring out your skin’s highest potential with safe, healthy ingredients you can trust.

Enjoy the luxurious feel of antioxidant-rich botanical extracts and nurturing essential omega fatty acids that soothe and restore your skin’s natural beauty.

Freshness first!

Glow products never contain toxic ingredients or useless fillers. Did you know that when High Street brands are mass-produced in huge vats, “shelf-life” is more important to the manufacturer than your skin quality? While their jars and bottles look pretty on that lit-up glass shelf in the beauty department, they can be up to seven years old and full of stale ingredients masked by preservatives!

Glow Skincare’s products are freshly-made by an independent master artisan, Wendy Gardner, and handcrafted in the clean sea air of Devon on England’s south coast, to ensure maximum life force, essential purity and optimal effectiveness. Your skin looks and feels brighter, softer, and smoother, with a naturally radiant glow.

The secret to luscious skin

Each ingredient is hand-selected from the finest organic family farms in the UK and overseas. Not a single “filler” ingredient is added. Although most face creams contain up to 75% tap water, including a famous brand named for the Sea, Glow Skincare uses NO water in our products. Instead, Wendy uses ultra-precious hydrosol extract obtained through steam distillation from delicate flowers and herbs. This precious liquid teems with nutrients crucial to preserving your skin’s delicate microbiome.

What is your skin’s biome? It is the invisible complex of micro-organisms that live on your skin and ensure its health and beauty. Doesn’t sound very glamourous, does it? But, at the cellular level, nourishing your micro-biome is the secret to luscious skin.

And because the recipes Wendy creates are so potent, only a small dab of each product is needed for your daily routine.

Quality eclipses quantity

Now here’s the curious part. Clients often contact Wendy to tell her they find her range  so effective, they end up tossing away baskets of disappointing products they’ve collected. And the handful of elite-quality essentials they invest in from Glow costs them less per year than they spent on those many useless items gathering dust in the closet. (And no more guilt for wasting money…)

Wendy Gardner, Aromatherapist, artisan distiller of flower and herb hydrosols, and Reiki master, has formulated and handcrafted natural skincare for over 17 years to ensure women look their best. Featured in British Vogue, the range is especially suitable for menopause to protect skin from thinning, dryness, and excess sensitivity as well as sagging and wrinkling.

Isn’t it time to go Glow and discover your skin’s own natural beauty? The Glow Essential Collection nourishes and hydrates your skin from the outside inwards with the ultimate in exclusive handcrafted skincare.

Testimonial from Angie Colee

You’re amazing!

I just wanted to say thank you – I love the face cream so far. I’m usually fidgety, picking at my face and whatnot throughout the day – every time I touch my face it’s so smooth and soft, but without being oily. Do you know how long I’ve been hunting for something like this? I’ve been through like…20 lotions in the past 6 months trying to find something good for my face and hands. And you send me a thoughtful little gift and it’s like it just fell in my lap. You’re a godsend!

I may be comfortable not wearing makeup, but like most other women I am still hyper critical of myself and my appearance. It’s just that most days convenience and level of effort required weigh in over being more “presentable”.

I can say after a week+ using it, for the first time this morning I noticed my eyes.

That may seem like an odd statement, but seriously.

Rather than puffy under-eye bags, red/dry/flaky skin, or any other imperfections, I looked my mirror self in the eyes, thought – heh, looks good!, and went about my day without picking apart my own face.

Not promising everyone else gets those results. But it’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

There’s not a huge scent to it – I’m not sure if it dissipates over time or what. It reminds me of Clinique serums, almost. Very similar fragrance, very mild.

I do know you put crack or some other such addictive substance in this face cream and I’m suddenly worried about you becoming sick and me having to go through withdrawals. I’m selfish like that LOL.

Don’t get sick!

angie colee glow skincare

Angie Colee- Musician and Writer

Testimonial from Wardee Harmon

I could not live without my Java! I am on the computer all day, I wear contacts, and like most people, I use my eyes a lot. ;) By the time the day is over and I take out my contacts, my eyes are usually burning and a bit puffy. I put on some Java EVERY NIGHT before bed. It’s very soothing and cooling so my eyes immediately feel better. Even better, no more puffy eyes in the morning! Thank you, Wendy and Glow Skincare!” ~Wardee from Traditional Cooking School.

wardee harmon

Wardee Harmon -Traditional Cooking School