Rediscover your skin’s natural glowing tone and toss your concealer forever

Why Glow?

Glow Skincare products have been designed to restore your skin to its highest possibility without toxic ingredients or useless fillers.

They’re packed with botanical extracts naturally rich in antioxidants, essential omega fatty acids that nurture and care for your skin.

Unlike mass produced High Street brands designed to live on a lit shelf for up to seven years, Glow Skincare’s products are artisanally handcrafted in the clean sea air of Devon on England’s south coast to ensure maximum life force, essential purity and maximum effectiveness so that you skin feels brighter, more radiant, softer, smoother and naturally glowing.

Each ingredient is hand selected from the finest family farms, both from  the UK and overseas. Not a single ingredient is added as filler. NO water which is often 75% of most face creams, including the cream of the sea! Instead Wendy uses ultra precious hydrosol extract that is obtained through steam distillation from delicate flowers and herbs – this precious liquid contains many components that help your skin preserve its delicate micro biome.

Skin biome is a hot trend but it has always cared for you day and night. The hydrosols are one of Wendy’s secrets – of course most brands won’t use them as they are too expensive and mean shorter shelf life.

And because the recipes Wendy creates are so potent, only a small dab is needed. You can toss away the baskets of products you bought that disappointed and use Wendy’s range instead… and you’ll find that you use every drop!  And many clients have found that although the prices seemed high initially, what they spend per year was less than they had before without the waste and guilt of ineffective products gathering dust in the cabinet and making them feel guilty for wasting money.

The key to conscious consumerism and a happy Mari Kondo style beauty routine, to buy fewer products, and focus on higher quality – this is the essence of sustainable living.

Handcrafted by Wendy Gardner, an Aromatherapist, distiller and Reiki master has been formulating natural skincare for over 17 years, to help women look their best.

Glow Skincare for menopause

Clean + Green + Eco-Friendly

Mother Nature’s finest age-defying botanicals for clean living ladies going through and beyond perimenopause.

Nothing nasty. No parabens. No preservatives. No petro-chemicals. No palm-oil. No parfum. No pesticides.

Free from GM’s, gluten, phthalates, microbeads and 1,4-dioxane.

No artificial colours and no synthetic fragrance.

Clean, green, eco-luxe for a healthy natural glow.

Healthy you. Healthy planet.

Tested on friends and family. Never animals.

Beautiful healthy ingredients from small organic family farms.

Zero Palm oil to protect rainforests, orangutans and indigenous people.

Wendy recycles all bubblewrap received from suppliers.

The brown box and tissue paper are re0usable and compostable, as are the maize starch biodegradable filler chips.

It’s easy to re-purpose Miron glass.

Sustainably handcrafted by happy hands and infused with healing Reiki.

You are supporting a local craftsperson with your order.

How To Store Your Products

Our products are paraben free and preservative free so you need to take extra care with storage.

Natural ingredients are fragile. Store your skin delights away from heat or light sources.

Mother Nature cannot be standardised. Expect slight variations in colour or scent.

Each jar has an expiry date. Exp 01/22 is good until the end of January 2022

After that, (compost) bin it.

To get the most out of your products watch these short videos

Free Skincare Consultation

If you’re new to Glow and have been referred here by a family member or friend, I would like to offer you a free no obligation skincare consultation.

Simply email me [email protected] with the name of your friend as well as your personal skin care issues/goals.

Wendy and Glow’s Social Responsibility Policy

Wendy and Glow partner with Kiva Lending to provide micro loans to women in third world countries.

Micro loans allow female entrepreneurs to build businesses to support their families.

They buy seeds (to grow vegetables) or fabric (to sew into clothing).

Those women then sell the vegetables or clothing to pay for their children’s education, food etc. Brilliant!

Improve your skin while you transform someone’s life.

The Glow capsule collection  has been designed to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin in these 4 easy and pleasurable steps: