Potent skincare handcrafted with premium organics and designed to synchronise with your personal biome.


bio active ingredients

ethically MADE

Hand-crafted facial products that rescue your skin from aging, weather, stress and faulty diet to give you a healthy, luscious glow 

These awesome products protect the planet while they enhance your skin. NO artificial anything. Safe for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, and thinning skin. 

Are you new to Glow, or want to test the products before you commit to a larger purchase?

Revel in the healing luxury of skincare from a master craftswoman, with trial sizes of cleanser and face cream. skin.


Glow Skincare products are lovingly artisan-created in small batches in Devon, England and shipped directly from the maker’s atelier to you.

Reiki activated for your most beautiful skin.

Heart of Eternity seen in British Vogue

Glow Skincare's products are freshly-made by me, Wendy Gardner, an independent master artisan, and handcrafted in the clean sea air of Devon on England's south coast, to ensure maximum life force, essential purity and optimal effectiveness. Your skin looks and feels brighter, softer, and smoother, with a naturally radiant glow.

The secret to luscious skin

Each ingredient is hand-selected from the finest organic family farms in the UK and overseas. Not a single “filler” ingredient is added. Although most face creams contain up to 75% tap water, including a famous brand named for the Sea, there’s NO water in my products. Instead, I use ultra-precious hydrosol extract obtained through steam distillation from delicate flowers and herbs. This precious liquid teems with nutrients crucial to preserving your skin’s delicate microbiome.

What is your skin’s biome?

It is the invisible complex of micro-organisms that live on your skin and ensure its health and beauty. Doesn’t sound very glamourous, does it? But, at the cellular level, nourishing your micro-biome is the secret to luscious skin.

And because the recipes I create are so potent, only a small dab of each product is needed for your daily routine.

Quality eclipses quantity

Now here’s the curious part. Clients often contact me to tell me they find my range  so effective, they end up tossing away baskets of disappointing products they’ve collected. And the handful of elite-quality essentials they invest in from Glow costs them less per year than they spent on those many useless items gathering dust in the closet. (And no more guilt for wasting money…)

Wendy Gardner, Aromatherapist, artisan distiller of flower and herb hydrosols, and Reiki master, has formulated and handcrafted natural skincare for over 17 years to ensure women look their best. Featured in British Vogue, the range is especially suitable for menopause to protect skin from thinning, dryness, and excess sensitivity as well as sagging and wrinkling.

Isn’t it time to go Glow and discover your skin’s own natural beauty? The Glow Essential Collection nourishes and hydrates your skin from the outside inwards with the ultimate in exclusive handcrafted skincare.

Nikol Elaine says you should let your skin shine through

Nikol Elaine says you should let your skin shine through

I'm a licensed Cosmetologist as well as a hair and makeup artist in Los Angeles, California. My style of makeup is “clean, natural, and looking like the best version of yourself.” I don’t like to “cake” on makeup products, and would rather let your skin show through.  Good healthy skin is a huge asset to a flawless finish and also means I can apply less makeup.
This is why using great skincare products is so important. I recommend moisturisers, serums and cleansers like Glow Skincare that are ‘clean’ and have a shorter list of ingredients. Wendy uses ingredient lists that you can pronounce, from real plants and flowers! I love ‘Jardin De Fleurs cleanser’ that removes makeup without upsetting the skin's microbiome. When you get rid of dry skin, your makeup stays on better. ‘Harmony facial polish’ is ideal as it lifts away dead skin cells with ocean friendly bamboo microspheres. My favorite product is a skin mist called ‘Drench.’ I find it really uplifting, and it is perfect through the day on set to stay calm and keep mine and my clients skin hydrated. ‘Heart of Eternity’ is packed with antioxidants to promote healthy skin.
I'm on a mission to show you how less can enhance more. Your face has many features with amazing potential, and there's nothing more beautiful than glowing skin! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients looking their best and radiating joy.



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