Bach Flower Remedies List

bach flower remedies

What are Bach Flower Remedies? They’re gentle natural extracts made from flowers and trees. The original 38 remedies were developed in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr Edward Bach who noted their power to help with emotions. Bach Flower Essences are energy remedies. They work to disrupt negative energy states or vibrations. They are non-toxic … Read more

Baobab oil

baobab oil

If Africa had to pick a wonder extract, it would be Baobab Oil. Not only is the tree full of mythical lore but it’s such an iconic shape. It’s been featured in movies (Madagascar) The first time I remember seeing a Baobab tree was in the Durban Botancial gardens.  I was studing at the  University … Read more

Niacinamide and retinol

niacinamide and retinol

Some skincare ingredients have exotic names, like Moroccan Argan and Tunisian Orange Blossom. Others are less glitzy, but powerful in an understated way like a classic Little Black Dress. One of these unsung heros is Vitamin B3 aka Niacinamide. Sometimes my podcast listeners or newsletter subscribers ask me whether niacinamide can be used alongside retinol, … Read more

Rooibos and Lanolin Lip Balm

lanolin lip balm

Special Edition with Vitamin D


Both lanolin and rooibos contain vitamin D which are needed for immunity, mood and strong bones. Living in the Northern Hemisphere, we receive very little Vitamin D during our long, dark winters.

Intense protection and nourishment for dry lips

Give your lips the nourishment they deserve with this all natural protective formula made with lashings of creamy shea butter whisked into organic rooibos extract.

The skin on your lips is thinner and does not have the protective sebum that the rest of your face does – this is one reason why your lips start cracking and peeling when its windy or cold.

Local Devon beeswax gives the formula enough strength so it won’t melt in your pocket.

Rooibos is rich in zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, AHA’s, anti inflammatory Quercetin, anti-ageing superoxide dismutase.

Made in Devon, England.

Designed specifially to carry in your pocket or purse.

Suitable for all skin types.

Raw, organic and activated to align you with Universal flow.

Tested on friends. (Never animals).

Contains beeswax from local Devon bees. Sustainably sourced. No bees were harmed.

Calendula flowers from Wendy’s garden.


Lanolin and Rooibos Lip Balm:

Full list of ingredients (listed in Latin):

Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos) extract- exclusive to Wendy

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea, organic unrefined) Butter Vitellaria paradoxa subs. Paradoxa

Cera Alba (local Devon Beeswax)

Calendula Officinalis flowers extract – exclusive to Wendy

Crataegus monogyna (Hawthorn) extract – exclusive to Wendy

Lanolin (purified)

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) antioxidant

Citrus sinensis peel expressed (Sweet Orange essential oil, organic)


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Facial Rejuvenation Secrets – Gua Sha

how to use gua sha

Gua Sha is one of the latest luxury wellness treatments done with stylish jade or rose quartz tools. Pronounced gwa sha, it’s said to contour the face, reduce puffiness and improve lymphatic drainage. While Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese method to improve overall health, it wasn’t designed for beauty. Gua sha was originally used … Read more

Japanese Skin Care

Why Japanese skin is flawless

Why Japanese skin is flawless? I’m fascinated with how different cultures have their own beauty secrets. Japanese women have a mystery to them, and are known for their beautiful porcelain-looking skin. So how do they keep their skin healthy? How do they keep their skin clear so that they don’t need to cake-on makeup? Japanese … Read more

Why I don’t use Skincare Acids

why i dont use acids

Why would you even want to use an acid on your skin? Isn’t it dangerous? And if you live a clean and healthy lifestyle, do you even need to use acids? Good questions.     Hello, I’m Wendy. I don’t use ‘acids’ on my skin – why? The media will tell you, Of course you … Read more

Niacinamide Cream


This is a bespoke cream, made after you order.

Niacinamide helps your skin prepare for any retinol treatments.


How to Use It:

The cream is potent.  It can be applied to face, neck and decollette.

First spritz your skin with Drench

Then release 1 pump into your palm.

Gently pat onto freshly spritzed skin to activate the niacinamide molecules.