Skincare Alchemist Aromatherpist Natural Formulator Wendy Gardner

Wendy Gardner – Skin Alchemist

My Story…

I used to struggle with really bad skin.

Painful patches, stressed induced breakouts, mystery flare-ups, unexplained blackheads , oily zones alongside tight cheeks.

I hated touching my face or seeing it in mirrors or photographs. I felt self-conscious and worried people were staring at blemishes or dry patches.

Creams that fixed dryness…caused whiteheads. Lotions that dried out spots made my skin feel tight and flaky. More redness, itching and pain.

My skin kept getting worse. I felt confused, desperate and miserable.  Hardly a moment went by when I wasn’t worried people were staring at a red or flaky patch. I cried myself to sleep so many nights.

In 2000 I had a life changing experience. I met a woman my age (31) with ultra clear, exquisite skin. Bewitched and in awe, I begged for her skincare secrets. Of course I wanted to be just like her.

She had trained in Oriental and Herbal Medicine, Acupressure and Aromatherapy. She shared her special mixture of herbs and oils with me. A unique formula which, through some trial and error, cleared my skin troubles forever.

I felt such gratitude. In fact, she’s the reason I studied Aromatherapy and Natural Product Formulation.

Now I help women lose 10 years from their faces and feel bare-skin confident without makeup or concealers…

I solved my own serious facial problems with a unique mixture of natural unguents and herbs… that turned red, itchy, painful, blemished ugliness into silky-smooth skin that regularly earns me compliments even though I’m almost 50!

Because I had such an astonishing turn-around with my own skin, I decided I had to share the freedom of a gorgeous complexion with other people. With my handcrafted skin-healing beauty products, you can transform your own dry, scaly, patchy (or worse) dermis into your most prized possession… that makes you look as if you just had the best sex of your life!

Very few people today know the real secrets to beautiful skin (…did your doctor make a difference to your skin quality?)…and they’re not easy to find. I traveled the world to learn these mysteries from an elite coterie of wise healers in England, Morocco, the Cape, and Costa Rica… because bad skin can’t be hidden… especially in the harsh light of day, under fluorescent lights, or in today’s HD photos. It’s embarrassing and it hurts! And, unfortunately, it only gets worse with age.

But you can turn back the clock and change your destiny, starting now… Just click on this link and start your adventure with luscious skin today.

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Because people notice…