Skincare Alchemist Aromatherpist Natural Formulator Wendy Gardner

Wendy Gardner – Skin Alchemist

Glow is specially designed to pamper Celtic skin through the menopause

My Story…

I used to struggle with really bad skin.

Painful patches, stressed induced breakouts, mystery flare-ups, unexplained blackheads , oily zones alongside tight cheeks in my 20’s..

I hated touching my face or seeing it in mirrors or photographs. I felt self-conscious and worried people were staring at blemishes or dry patches.

Creams that fixed dryness…caused whiteheads. Lotions that dried out spots made my skin feel tight and flaky. More redness, itching and pain.

My skin kept getting worse. I felt confused, desperate and miserable.  Hardly a moment went by when I wasn’t worried people were staring at a red or flaky patch. I cried myself to sleep so many nights.

In 2000 I had a life changing experience. I met a woman my age (31) with ultra clear, exquisite skin.

She shared her special mixture of herbs and oils with me. A unique formula which, through some trial and error, cleared my skin troubles forever.