Hello, I’m Wendy Gardner, Aromatherapist and Skincare Alchemist

Looking at my photo, you’d never know I used to struggle with really bad skin.

I hated the feeling of pore-clogging makeup on my skin, yet I felt married to concealer.

Wendy Gardner Aromatherapist

Has this happened to you?

My mom took me to a beauty salon each month where my skin was rubbed, steamed and squeezed. But nothing worked. No matter which products we bought, my skin stayed hideous. The fancy French ointment stank of creosote and made my skin feel tight and flaky – and caused whiteheads!

“You’ll grow out of it” the beautician said, which led to more steam and painful extractions. More redness, itching and pain.

My skin kept getting worse. I felt confused, desperate and miserable. Hardly a moment went by when I wasn’t worried people were staring at a red or flaky patch. I cried myself to sleep at night and hid during the day.

Six years later I still hadn’t grown out of it, and I longed for a normal life, instead of hiding my face in the library!

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Rose extract

Three steps forward and two back…

At University I had the first of a series of life-altering experiences.

I was introduced to essential oils by a woman who had ultra-clear, exquisite skin. She shared with me her natural recipe to clear spots (pimples, if you’re in North America.)

But I have to admit that, as soon as my skin was restored to average, I turned my back on essential oils and went back to mainstream French products. After all, my skin looked good enough!

I was still in the dark about what actually created beautiful skin. It would be another ten years, a new country and a different skin type before I made the link between skin and food, gut health, and natural products.

weighing copper pot with calendulal flowers for distilling into hydrosol hydrolat
fresh calendula flowers going into the still

Radiant possibilities for skin

In my late 20’s, I met an English aromatherapist with radiant skin and was so intrigued by her knowledge that I began my studies in Massage, Oriental Aromatherapy and Reiki. That’s when I fell in love with organic foods, natural ingredients, natural healing methods and their potential for improving skin quality.

On one of my training courses I met the “brains” behind several of England’s most luxurious brands. He told me he could teach me how to create my own skincare that was as good as, if not better than, one of the top brands. And thus began my product formulation studies. I travelled to ever more exotic locations to elicit the secrets of beautiful skin from traditional healers and add their wisdom to my own knowledge.

This allowed me to design all my own recipes, using mixtures of herbs and oils, all unique formulae which, through trial and error, successfully cleared my skin troubles forever. (Even I could hardly believe it.) When I think of where I started out – hiding in the library and avoiding photos so no one would see my face (or record my bad skin for posterity) – all I can think is… Wow! What a ride!

Motherhood is beautiful… and time-consuming!

Once my son was born, I didn’t have time for complicated skin routines. That’s when my 60-second beauty routine was born. Leisurely wallows in the bath became a distant memory. (sigh…)

Now I have a simple routine that keeps my skin feeling dewy fresh and hydrated. It’s not rocket science, even though big “beauty” corporations would like you to believe that they have researchers working in the lab around the clock to find your skincare solution. (If their products are that great, why are they still looking for that skin solution?)

The real answer to good skincare products is this: I simply removed all fluff and filler from recipes. That means 100 percent of the good stuff in every bottle. And I’ve simplified my process for beautiful skin to four essential products for daily use. They save you plenty of time because they contain the power of 8-20 conventional concoctions (who the heck has time for that?)

My belief is that great skin is for life. We all know that real beauty comes from within, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little help from really excellent products!

Making helichrysum hydrosol for eye cream
drench facial tonic with rosewater
Rosewater and MSM facial tonic

When only the best is good enough

Occasionally, I hear from someone who sends me an email along the lines of…

“Gasp! Your prices are expensive!”

Well, yes. Compared to watered-down commercial formulae, they do seem expensive… until you realize that you’d need to buy 12 or maybe 20 other concoctions to get close to the same effect. It’s a shocking and well-concealed truth that most commercial products are bulked up with water, cheap synthetics and other fillers, so you’re basically getting nothing for your money.

And most commercial products are made in huge vats at temperatures that all but kill the value of the marginal amount of healthy ingredients that do go into them, by people for whom “it’s just a job.”

By contrast, my products are actually made by me! And they’re infused with all the healing energy I can offer you, so I am personally involved in making certain they live up to the very highest standards. Lovingly hand-crafted in limited editions is the ultimate luxury in our commercial machine-produced world, wouldn’t you say?

The bald truth is: quality costs money – because it’s real. Think of the difference between organic, high-cacao content chocolate and ordinary buy-it-anywhere candy bars. If you value yourself and your health, you know only the best is good enough.

And if you love HD makeup, your skin will be happier and better prepped.

I don’t wear makeup often. In fact apart from the professional photo shoot you see on this page, the last time I wore full makeup was for my wedding! But if wearing makeup is part of your job, I’ll be glad to help you give your skin its best chance to survive all the stylists and prep artists.

If you’re like me and live more of an “off-camera” life, why not start now to offer your face the healthiest – and most beautiful – existence you can have?

You’ll fall in love with the best skin of your life – at any age – when you know how. That’s what I’m here to help you with.

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