The myth about fragrance-free

I've come to a scary conclusion, that Fragrance Free is a myth. I didn't wave my fingers over a crystal ball to reach this conclusion. Nope. A lady asked me whether Product x was  'fragrance free'. It got me thinking. 'What does…

How to Choose a Moisturiser That Suits Dry, Menopausal Celtic Skin

Celtic skin is typically more sensitive to sun, wind and stress than darker hued Meditternean skin. Celtic skin also shows the signs of ageing faster than the skin. So what can you do with your delicate Celtic skin when  you reach your 40s…

Glossary of Natural Skincare

This glossary of skincare words explains  the technical jargon used by natural skincare formulators like myself.  I've tried to explain things in plain English. It will be helpful when you're trying to figure out what next new beauty product…