Podcast: The real meaning of Menopause

Kate is an astrologer, author of ‘The Body of Stars’ and a Druid living in South Devon. Kate’s mission is to help people find connection to self, to others, to our planetary home and to the greater context of unfolding which holds all life. Listen up for the Secret wisdom of what menopause really is… (doctors and big pharma will not like to hear this because it gives you back your power)

Just after our call – Kate emailed me this:

Just went for a walk and was pondering my least favourite question (how do planets and stars so far away affect our lives on earth)!  It really is a humdinger, but as I walked it felt clear.

There is not a separation between our lives on earth and the planets and stars, we are part of the same phenomenon or literal creation.  The creation is a resonance field.  What happens in the heavens has a resonance for us – resonates within us – as the whole resonates with each part of the whole, in synchrony.  We are part of a co-arising.  Astrology is a great healer of the apparent breach or separation between our human lives and the whole of manifest creation; it is a language describing creation for earthlings.

It was clearer when I spoke it out loud to myself on my walk!  Anyway, I hope it speaks to you and points towards something that might be true, meaningful or helpful!!  Yours was a very legitimate question to ask an astrologer, but I, like many others I’m sure, find it a hard one to answer – except in these broad, imaginative terms.

Kate Hubert


Kate’s work as an astrologer is influenced by esoteric and Jungian astrologies and a deep love of druidry. She wants to help people identify and honour their authentic identity here and now, to find power and purpose, and to sense soul forces.


This quote, from an intriguingly strange book called The Wisdom of the Sphinx by Ruscha Schorr-kon (unfortunate surname), is what I wanted to say! –

“Learn the language of your flesh.  This wisdom is a consultation with your experience made flesh, trust what it says to you, it has its own intelligence.”

Kate Hubert

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Wendy Gardner is the aromatherapist and skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. She's the author of Dare to Go Bare and host for the Aspie in Menopause podcast. When she's not making creams, or looking after the wild birds, she likes to draw and read.

Diploma in Aromatherapy (ITHMA London, 2003)

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