What are Bach Flower Essences?

They’re gentle natural extracts from flowers and trees, preserved in a little brandy. The original 38 were developed in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr Edward Bach who noted their power to help with emotions.

Bach Flower Essences are energy remedies. They work to disrupt negative energy states or vibrations. They are non-toxic and have no nasty side effects.


Today I’m sharing a summary sheet of when to use them in the hope they might help you out too!

When can you use Bach Flower Remedies

Anytime. I’ve used them safely through pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and breast feeding.

They’re safe for children and pets.

I use them now in my perimenopause, another emotional time when hormones are changing.

They’re so practical. Let’s say you’re moving house and feeling frustrated and impatient, try Impatiens.  After you move, try Walnut to help you adapt to your new neighbourhood

Got a new baby?  Try Olive and Rescue-Remedy. These help new moms cope with unrelenting tasks and sleep disruption.



How to take Bach Flower Essences:

Simply add 2 drops from the pipette to a glass of plain water and sip.

Take up to four times a day this way.

For immediate use, you can take the drops undiluted, they contain brandy as a natural preservative so you’ll taste that.


What about alcohol inside Bach Remedies?

Brandy is added to the remedy as a natural preservative.

If you’re against taking alcohol (religion, addiction, allergy, etc) then get rid of teh alcohol by adding your drops to a small mug of boiling water. The brandy will evaporate rapidly.

Or apply the drops to your wrist.

(See the section on multiple flower essences for a non-alcohol tip.)

How to give flower essences to a baby or toddler

Ok so you don’t want to be popping that glass pipette near the mouth of a  wiggly youngster.  More so if you’re feeling sleep deprived.  Instead add the drops to drinking water or drop onto your child’s wrist. Remember these work energetically on the electromagnetic field in and around the body so they don’t need to be swallowed.

Rescue Remedy comes in a glass-free sprayer too…ideal for babies, bedtimes, road trips, school journeys, doctor and dentist visits, first aid, out and about… keep one in your pocket/diaper bag.  A spray stops tears rapidly!  And defrazzles mom too 🙂

How to take multiple flower essences

If you are taking multiple essences, add two drops of each to an empty 30ml dropper bottle, add 2 teaspoons of brandy or organic unpasteurised apple cider vinegar as a preservative and fill the rest with mineral water.

Take four drops four times a day.

Remember to label your bottle with the mixing date. Use it quickly. Make up small amounts as you need them. Anything with added water has a limited shelf life. Be sensible.


How to Choose your  Bach Flower Essence?

The simplest is way is reading through this list and picking the Bach Flower Essences that fit your situation.

You may need 5 or more!  A good all rounder is the Rescue Remedy.

There are no side-effects if you choose the wrong one. You simply keep the bottle for when you do need it.

You can also ask a kineseologist to muscle test for you.


Here is the list of situations.



Mimulus- You’re shy or feel anxious about something specific

Aspen – You’re anxious, but can’t say why

Rock Rose – You feel an extreme terror about something

Red Chestnut – You feel anxious about somebody else’s safety

Cherry Plum – You fear you might lose control



Honeysuckle – Your mind is on the past instead of the present

Clematis – You’re in a dream

Chestnut Bud – You find yourself repeating the same mistakes

White Chestnut – Your mind is running over the same thing

Wild Rose – You really can’t be bothered

Mustard – You feel down in the dumps and don’t know why

Olive – You feel tired after making an effort



Heather – Your talkativeness leads to loneliness

Impatiens – You feel impatient with the slow pace of people or things

Water Violet – You like your own company but sometimes feel lonely



Hornbeam, – You put things off, feeling tired at the thought of starting work

Gentian – You feel a bit down after a setback

Gorse – You give up when things go wrong

Scleranthus – You can’t make your mind up

Wild Oat – You want to do something worthwhile, but can’t find your vocation

Cerato – You know what you want to do, but doubt your judgement



Star of Bethlehem –  You’re suffering from shock or grief

Willow – You feel resentful and sorry for yourself

Elm – You feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities

Pine – You feel guilty or blame yourself

Sweet Chestnut – You feel despair when there is no hope left

Larch – You expect to fail and lack confidence in your skills

Oak – You’re a strong person who struggles on past the limits of strength

Crab Apple – You feel unclean or dislike something about yourself



Vine – sometimes you’re a tyrant when you want to lead

Vervain – Your enthusiasm leads you to burn yourself out

Beech – You feel critical or intolerant towards others

Chicory – Your love for your family makes it hard to let them go

Rock Water – You drive yourself hard, trying to set an example



Centaury – You can’t easily say ‘no’ to other people

Walnut – Other people’s ideas knock you off course, you’re unsettled at times of change

Holly – You feel wounded, jealous, spiteful or want revenge

Agrimony – You hide your troubles behind a smile


A final tip,  get a bottle of Rescue Remedy which contains a  combination of five flower essences.  It’s an all purpose stress buster, calmer etc which would help before interviews, podcasts, exams, first day of term, moving home, Christmas, travel by air……There’s one in the car, ready for unseen emergencies. If you have children, try it for tantrums, nightmares, hurt knees, teething, to calm them before going into school, and to keep calm on days you just want to run screaming into the hills.

Dr Bach Flower Essences are safe for pets too.. add a few drops to a separate bowl of drinking water. That way they can self-medicate.

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