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Experience the Extraordinary:

Restore strength, vitality and radiance with an antioxidant elixir designed around your DNA


8am Saturday, London, Vinyasa Yoga with Giovanni 

When Giovanni takes class, it’s oversubscribed. There’s a scrabble for floor space near his mat. Guaranteed.

Perhaps it’s his cerulean blue eyes and sculpted contours. Or his honeyed accent and hands-on teaching style. Pay close attention If Giovanni corrects your sloppy asana. You might catch a hint of sandalwood. Or perhaps it’s frankincense.

Rumour is  he owns a biodynamic farm in Tuscany.  Others say he opened an art gallery in Milan.

Glow.  Designed for yogis and yoginis. And Adonis.

I am one of the lucky women that has been touched by her genius having a cleanser, a day cream, and a night cream made based on my needs and desires.

Jacqueline RizkBeauty Editor, Detox Diva
Karen Farley

Wendy creates unique skincare products with a combination of personal care and a deep knowledge of natural ingredients. The face and hand creams I’ve enjoyed over the years have been tailored to my own (changing) skincare needs as well as taking into account my favoured essential oils.

Karen FarleyProject Manager
Karen Alison

I love how the whole Glow skincare routine feels like magic or alchemy. It’s not something you “have” to do (like brushing your teeth) but something you can’t resist doing.

I love the smell. I love the feel. I love Drench – why is it so appealing to spray something delicious on your face? I love EE. I love the moisturizer. I love how you can smell the products on your skin after you put them on.

I love how you only need a tiny amount of the cleanser and it seems to spread all over your face. Actually, all the products are like that – you don’t need vast quantities at any one time because they provide such a plethora of benefits. Considering what goes into them, it’s really an enormous value.

So, is it just my imagination, or are your products calming? I notice when I do the morning routine with face crème, Drench and EE that I feel calm and peaceful afterwards… uplifted. Perhaps that ‘s the Reiki energy? But I think also the scents and the ingredients themselves. They are very restorative.

Karen AlisonWriter/Natural Health Educator

How it works:

After you pay, you’ll receive an email with lifestyle questions.

We’ll speak on the phone or by Skype.

I’ll design a formula and source ingredients.

If you need a custom ingredient prepared, I’ll do that too.

(My time investment? At least 15 – 30 hours.)

As your skin changes, we tweak your formula… (no charge)

(This service is for existing clients and their friends and family only.)

Glow Skincare Bespoke, the ultimate natural skincare system