Niacinamide and retinol

niacinamide and retinol

Some skincare ingredients have exotic names, like Moroccan Argan and Tunisian Orange Blossom. Others are less glitzy, but powerful in an understated way like a classic Little Black Dress. One of these unsung heros is Vitamin B3 aka Niacinamide. Sometimes my podcast listeners or newsletter subscribers ask me whether niacinamide can be used alongside retinol, … Read more

What is the Christmas Star 2020

jupiter and saturn

Christmas Star Hooray ..only a few more sleeps till Winter Solstice. To me, this time of year feels dense and syrupy. Inbetween decanting herbal elixirs and watching Star Trek, I’m dreaming about curling up in a hibernation pod (with an endless supply of hot beverage, Valrhona and good fiction), or migrating south for sun and … Read more

Facial Rejuvenation Secrets – Gua Sha

how to use gua sha

Gua Sha is one of the latest luxury wellness treatments done with stylish jade or rose quartz tools. Pronounced gwa sha, it’s said to contour the face, reduce puffiness and improve lymphatic drainage. While Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese method to improve overall health, it wasn’t designed for beauty. Gua sha was originally used … Read more

Japanese Skin Care

Why Japanese skin is flawless

Why Japanese skin is flawless? I’m fascinated with how different cultures have their own beauty secrets. Japanese women have a mystery to them, and are known for their beautiful porcelain-looking skin. So how do they keep their skin healthy? How do they keep their skin clear so that they don’t need to cake-on makeup? Japanese … Read more

Why I don’t use Skincare Acids

why i dont use acids

Why would you even want to use an acid on your skin? Isn’t it dangerous? And if you live a clean and healthy lifestyle, do you even need to use acids? Good questions.     Hello, I’m Wendy. I don’t use ‘acids’ on my skin – why? The media will tell you, Of course you … Read more

Clinique Moisture Surge

clinique moisture surge

I’m often asked, what’s inside a well known facial care product or cosmetic. So that’s what today’s post is about…  I’m going to pick a brand you’d have seen at Duty Free (remember those days?!) Clinique moisturiser We all use moisturiser, so it’s a good choice for today. Now look at this photo. See the … Read more

Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic acid hair

What is hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring mucopolysaccharide that provides lubrication and cushioning to the movable parts of the body, such as joints, eyes, skin and muscles. It also acts as a nutrient distributor to areas that lack blood supply like cartilage and eyeballs. Because Hyaluronic Acid is strongly hydrophilic (water-loving), it’s … Read more


What to do with lemongrass Although it smells lemony, lemongrass is not related to lemons or any of the citrius family. Instead it is part of the massive grass family, the same family that Citronella belongs to. . It grows in warmer climates  in sandy soils.  We Aroma therapists love lemongrass  essential oils for it’s … Read more

How to fade acne scars

Acne and pimples suck. I thought my teenage years of misery with spots were a thing of the past, but then the pandemic happened. I got a nasty red spot on my chin the day after my post-lockdown haircut. Horrible! (the spot, not the haircut) Then I scratched away at it, leaving an uglier patch … Read more