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baobab oil

Baobab oil

If Africa had to pick a wonder extract, it would be Baobab Oil. Not only is the tree full of mythical lore … Read more

marula oil

Marula Oil

While Marula may be a ‘new’ ingredient to hair and skincare formulators and natural health bloggers, it was harvested by San hunter … Read more


What to do with lemongrass Although it smells lemony, lemongrass is not related to lemons or any of the citrius family. Instead … Read more

naked yoga

Naked Yoga

It’s not surprising that yoga has many trendy hybrids, be it yoga with dogs, goats, lemurs or on horseback.   There’s yoga in … Read more


Herbs for Dogs

There is a reason why dogs sometimes eat grass or start chomping on herbs in your garden. They do it instinctively to … Read more


How to reduce waste

So you’re already using your own carry bag for shopping… and repurposing those glass jars your honey, sauerkraut and jam arrive in. … Read more

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