Blue Tansy

I am often asked what my favorite essential oils are. That is a bit like choosing between chocolate, a long soak in the bath or Philip Pullman’s latest book!

I have a top ten, but two of my most mystical and magical are those that heal both the skin, and also uplift the mood. They’re not commonly used either.

They are: Blue tansy and helichrysum.  I’m able to grow my own helichrysum for distilling into hydrolat (for eye creams) but the blue tansy that I use in Samba Night Repair, I source in from Morocco.

Blue tansy

Blue tansy is the grown up’s version of the deep dark blue chamomile, known to aromatherapists as German Chamomile. It’s one of nature’s most  powerful anti inflammatory oils, and was a key oil in my aromatherapy diploma course. However, when it comes to blends and skincare products, the scent is somewhat off putting. And in my cosmetology course in 2003/4 the teacher remarked that German Chamomile was probably not the best choice of anti-inflammatory oil to use, however I didn’t know of a better one back then!

This is where blue tansy enters the stage – she is the queen of calm AND smells awesome. Had I used her in my 2003 assignment, I’m sure the tutor would have approved.

German chamomile vs blue tansy scent

Blue Chamomile essential oil is somewhat herby in scent and even smells a little damp and musty. Like a muddy field or a damp dog.   But Blue tansy  has this deeper mystical element and sweeter clean scent like a gentle amble on a sunny afternoon, with wildflowers growing in an apple orchard.

gua sha balm

Blue tansy oil

The crucial elements of its’ anti inflammatory power is a natural component called chamazulene and a-bisabolol. These two work on all sorts of skin issues right from eczema to sun damage. They draw away the heat and pain associated with stuck Qi in your meridians. Blue tansy is awesome if you’ve got allergies, rashes, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, dry or itchy skin. It even works on scar tissue.

Emotionally, blue tansy is our friend during menopause when anxiety, insomnia and depression are so common. Blue tansy relives stuck Qi, which emotionally feels like repressed anger, frustration and the sense of being on the edge of total overwhelm or panic.

By using blue tansy in your life, you will be inviting one of nature’s most potent plants to help you cope better, both physically but also emotionally.

The act of applying Samba facial balm to your face is an act of self-respect and self- care. Remember the saying that you cannot look after another if your cup is empty.

tanacetum annuum

Blue Tansy is one of the most expensive ingredients I source for Glow Skincare. The quality you find online is extremely variable. The colour varies between soft blue, deep indigo and a dark Prussian blue. Some have smelt like hay or herbs. One smells like a dance under ylang ylang trees at midnight. And the price is from steep to astronomical. There are suppliers who will dilute or blend with dyes, so the best route is either to grow and distil your own, or to source through suppliers who buy direct from the farms.

samba facial balm for gua sha

Samba is excellent for using with gua sha, cupping, facial massage and as part of a regular beauty programme.