Buddleja – the flower secret with anti oxidant super powers

Take a journey by rail in the Summer and you’ll spot Buddleja growing alongside the rails and in cracks in old buildings. This tenacity to thrive through difficult circumstances gives you a clue of its chemical constituents. And yes, those are really powerful for skincare. Read on.

Buddleja is part of the same plant family as figworts and mullein, and arrived in England from China and Japan.  Buddleja has long bunches of flowers that are loved by butterflies and moths so is known by gardeners as Butterfly Bush  or Summer Lilac.  The nectar is honey-scented, and full of goodness for your skin.

This antioxidant and skin soother,  is a sustainable extract. It was used in Korea for headaches and inflammatory conditions and in China for eye troubles .

Buddleja for skincare

Termed the DNA bodyguard, as it provides natural photo-protective defence for your skin    It contains antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental stressors.It contains powerful anti-inflammatory components  such as verbascoside and isoverbascoside that protect your skin from UVA and photo ageing

Clinical studies have shown its ability to protect against UVA damage, promote detoxification, prevent the breakdown of collagen and boost the skin’s natural antioxidant defences.

Buddleja has phytosterols, amino acids and polysaccharides that contribute to a moistened surface.  Buddleja  protects against signs of aging because it prompts your skin to self-repair, strengthen and regenerate .

In summary, it is soothing, antioxidant and photo-protective so if your skin feels dry, irritated or damaged, gentle and powerful Buddleja could help.

Buddelja antioxidant

Buddleja extract is used to firm and tighten skin in Glow’s bespoke skincare.

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