What is Kombucha - Why I Switched To Continuous Brew

Updated: Kombucha - What is it? Kombucha, in short, is fermented tea. It's a semi sour liquid rich in probiotics produced by a weird pancake type blob. Proper name : SCOBY , short for  Symbiotic Colony Of non-toxic Bacterium and non-toxic…

EFT Tapping – A Unique Remedy for Beautiful Skin

By Karen Alison www.no-ibs.comHave you heard of EFT Tapping? It’s a fabulous remedy for stress and, as we all know, stress makes a mess of your skin.  How does stress harm your skin?  Are you frequently overloaded,…

Which Facial Oil or Serum is Right for My Skin?

Facial oil and serum are powerful allies for glowing skin. There are thousands of options, so how do you know whether a facial oil or serum is going to deliver the results it promises?Yes, you can read beauty blogs or Amazon reviews. Maybe…