Cleanse with Jardin de Fleurs 24-carat Gold cleanser

One step cleanser for stressed skin

Dissolves makeup and whisks away impurities

Restores perfect pH and leaves your skin petal soft

Jardin-de-fleurs-makeup-up remover

Sarah’s Diary: Memories of The Red City, Morocco

Morning bustle in the souks. Curiosities.  Snake charmers, musicians. Kaftans and piles of spices. Orange juice. Saffron.  50 shades of pink kaftans.  Afternoon nap in the double hammock. Wafts of orange blossom and jasmine. Hot stone massage. Jardin de Fleurs and Heart of Eternity. Ah, that’s better.  Time to pop on the new pink kaftan for candlelit dinner in the palm groves…

Whisks away every trace of makeup (including waterproof eye makeup)
Jacqueline Rizk Beauty editor and mom to triplets

What a beautiful way to start and end my day!

Kelly BordageMontessori teacher and mom
Annie Jones

Not only cleansed but left my skin feeling hydrated and silky

Annie JonesHomeopath
Jenny Sjolund

“I was always chasing whatever skincare issue would arise. A random pimple. Then dry patches. Irritation and redness.

Wendy convinced me to try her holistic routine with the Glow Essential Collection, and I decided to keep a diary to track results.

The first thing I noticed was the incredible scent when I received the package, my entire being took a deep breath and I instantly relaxed.

From there it only got better. From the first use my skin felt stimulated, like it was coming to life.

The deep moisturization was unlike anything I had experienced before.

For two days I had a little bit of peeling as my skin renewed itself, revealing a youthful radiance that made me feel beautiful- without makeup!

Now I feel like I have a skincare routine that supports my skin, as opposed to manipulating it.

The result is consistently gorgeous complexion. I am truly glowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jenny SjolundWriter

Jardin de Fleurs. Exquisite antioxidant cleanser handmade with youth prolonging extracts. Red carpet 24 carat Gold lifts and illuminates. Geranium hydrosol inspires your Inner Goddess. Microbiome rebalancing Jojoba. Grime-lifting Castor bean works alongside skin calming Shea.  Obviously pH balanced.

Made in England.

Suitable for all skin types.

Tested on friends. (Never animals).

Each 50ml bottle provides a 1-3 month supply.

Jardin de Fleurs is easy to use… Pump a tiny dab into your palm, blend with a few drops of water. Massage onto your face with delicate circular movements. Splash off with water or wipe with a damp muslin. Quick spritz with Drench skin tonic (packed with aloe, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid). For best results follow with Heart of Eternity hydrating moisturizer or your hand-crafted Bespoke facial crème.


Aqua (organic Geranium leaf distillate),
Colloidal 24 carat Gold,
Ricinus communis (organic Castor) bean oil,
Simmondsia chinensis (organic Jojoba) seed wax,
Vitellaria Nilotica (organic shea butter),
Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides (and) cetearyl alcohol (Xyliance, Ecocert palm-oil-free emulsifier made in 2014)
Glycerine (vegan, Kosher and palm oil free),
Glyceryl stearate citrate (GSC)
Phenethyl Alcohol and Caprylyl Glycol (Ecocert palm-oil-free moisturiser and skin conditioner),
Geranium Essential Oil that contains Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, Citral.