Precious metals for rejuvenation – Colloidal Gold 2024 Guide

When I think of gold, King Tut’s beautiful  mask comes to mind. Au, so beautiful.

Humans have been mesmerized by the lustre and colour of gold for thousands of years.  Gold flakes were found in Palaeolithic caves dating back as far as 40,000 B.C and the Pyramids of Giza were topped with solid gold capstones.

The Incans and Aztecs used it in ceremonies and in their architecture.  It’s a status symbol for sure and used for jewellery, gold plating, as currency and in dentistry .

Gold salts have been used to help with arthritis, joint pain and stiffness. Radio labelled colloidal gold particles are used to target cancer drugs to tumours ,  and more recently in China for ‘rapid colloidal gold immuno-chromatography assay for SARS-Cov-2 IgM/IgG ‘ .

Studies showed that  Colloidal gold even improves cognitive function by acting as a natural stimulant for the cells of our body. This property improves the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in the brain and increases mental alertness and boosts concentration.

And with any luxury item, like pearls and caviar, precious metals have made their way into skin care.

First it was colloidal silver, then colloidal gold, and I predict next will be colloidal copper!

Colloidal gold skin benefits

What does 24k gold do for your skin?

Brands using colloidal gold will tell you that it improves complexion,  reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, increases skin’s elasticity, improves tone, boosts blood circulation, and treats sun damage. All of this makes your skin look youthful and glowing.

But how does it do this?

The studies about colloidal gold and skin show that gold nano particles are absorbed into both the epidermis and dermis.

Gold is said to be accelerate wound healing and improve absorption of actives in skincare products.

So using a 24-karat gold nanotechnology, you can bring active ingredients, nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the deeper layers of the skin

This would explain why skin can look and feel better – as long as the other ingredients are skin-friendly!  Because by helping to deliver skin nutrients to the cells, your skin is able to repair and rejuvenate itself faster.  So yes this could be how it speeds up the healing process and reduce the signs of ageing.

A vitro study showed that nanoparticles of colloidal gold in a face cream helped the actives to be absorbed, as well as increasing blood circulation (which means more oxygen, getting rid of debris and also circulating nutrients) and reduce wrinkle formation.

Nano gold also repairs any broken connection between cells, so this could be useful in older skin.

Colloidal gold cleanser

Jardin de Fleurs cleanser contains jojoba oil and  colloidal gold.


Colloidal gold night cream

Ultra Radiance contains colloidal platinum, colloidal copper and colloidal gold. All three benefit skin radiance. (Only avible to private cleitns)


Colloidal gold benefits

So the benefits of colloidal Gold in your skincare are:

  • 24K Gold  has revitalizing ability
  • gold ions increase absorption of active ingredients.
  • improved blood circulating
  • reducing fine lines  and wrinkles
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improving elasticity and firmness
  • antioxidant effects against ageing free radicals
  • skin rejuvenation
  • colloidal gold even improves mood!

Colloidal gold side effects

However, there are a small group of people who may not benefit from gold in their skincare products!

If you have eczema, contact dermatitis or a known gold allergy, then please do a patch test.

Oil of gold

Oil of gold, the alchemical extract, in contrast, does not contain any particles of gold instead contains components you’d expect to see within essential oils like limonene, myrcene, pinene. Extremely rare and tricky to extract, a 1ml vial costs upwards of £150 (This was the 2019 price!) This extract is used for spiritual transformation.

If you are after rejuvenating complexes, then look no further than Glow Skincare’s premium Proposal in Paris face cream

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