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Hello glorious Glow goddesses! I love to hear from you. The best way to get an answer is by email or text. All my contact details are on the compliment slip inside your package. You can also click reply to your Weekly Wellness email. I do my best to reply the same day or but allow me 48 hours. But if you’ve posted something onto social media, I might miss it… so please ping me an email or text. I love to hear from you xx.

Not yet part of the Glow family? I recommend the Try – Me Experience  because you’ll feel the difference within two weeks. You’ll also get exclusive skincare and wellness tips, only available to Glow Insiders.

Got a question before you try ? First check the ingredients. My contact email is in the footer of this page. There are also videos showing how to apply your products.

Want to subscribe to my newsletter? My email address is on the bottom of the page. Write to me and I’ll send you an Invoice for your monthly subscription.

Got things to sell me? I already have a list of preferred suppliers so am not likely to respond to suggestions for SEO, distribution, warehousing, packaging supplies, chemicals, marketing services, etc etc. Anyway, I always deal with people I know so consider becoming a customer first and then we can talk??

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