What is Dewlock ?

It’s a process invented/discovered by me here in Devon.  It’ called the DewLock process and is how I manage to help dry skin become less dry.  I am simply the vessel allowing Nature to do her work in you. My hands are the conduit through which the energy flows and it is this respect that is bottled with love to help you. feel awesome.


My DewLock process uses the power of the four elements and alchemy, combined with good old fashioned organic or biodynamic growing methods to ensure the final extract that is prepared for skin-use, is not only powerful on your skin but also respects the earth’s micro biome, the earthworms and soil biota.

small copper still for extracting rosewater
unpacking my new copper still

What does the DewLock process do?

Well it helps your skin seal in moisture , when it does this your skin feels softer, and fine lines are less prominent. The simple act of retaining moisture also means your skin feels more comfortable. If you’ve been prone to itching or heat in your skin, you’ll notice that you don’t have the urge to scratch, your skin will feel more comfortable. And in time with regular use redness from things like rosacea declines.


What is the actual DewLock process?

It involves alchemical lab apparatus, biodynamic or organically grown roses that are picked according to a special calendar. They are handles with utmost care and respect. The ‘goodness’ within the petals is released gently  over a slow process that respects both the environment and also is sustainable. There are no waste products for landfill, everything is able to be composted at the end. I have developed the actual steps through thousands of hours of careful experiments and some lucky serendipitous events. Is there Reiki involved? Or Distillation? What about planetary connections and association? Yes, and much more. This is a family secret process much like the Colonels’ secret herbs and spices, Coca Cola’s extract, La Mer’s algae recipe or Posh Spices’ extract – it will remain a Gardner secret, passed down to younger generations.

DewLock rose petal extract


What skin type is DewLock suitable for?

Skins that feel tight, dry or itchy will feel eh greatest change towards comfort. If your skin is already comfortable, you will notice that you need to use less products to maintain your skin condition.  Many of my clients notice that they now spend less money because they are not wasting money on products that don’t do what they promise.  They use up every drop of the Glow range and notice the effects.

DewLock Skincare Products

You can experience the power of DewLock yourself. It’s used exclusively by Glow Skincare in Wendy’s Bespoke range.

You can feels the effects on your own skin with the Niacinamide face cream.