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Marriage and self-growth – Minali Talreja


In this latest episode Wendy interviews the gorgeous Minali Talreja in Mumbai, India. Minali is on a mission to help other women change their perspective on themselves and their relationships, especially marriage. She believes you can change your outer reality by doing some inner work.

I have an intuitive knowing of other realms, however my human mind is only given as much information as is required in the earthly realm. Too much information can be overwhelming, but my higher self in other realms is very awake and aware of everything and often if I meditate on a question, I receive the answer. 

Since I am a medium, I interact with galactic beings and spirit guides, my own as well as others to deliver messages and guidance whenever they want me to. But I don’t work with everyone as I said it’s limited to friends and family.

Minali Talreja

Listen now to discover:

  • Medium vs Channel?
  • Relationship triggers
  • Marriage as self improvement, and a tool for growth, rather than a way to gain self-worth
  • Glitches in the parallel reality
  • Multi dimensions – you haven’t been told about this
  • What we do during dream time
  • Why we ask Who AM I?
  • Inner world, connecting and awakening
  • The curious healing of Earth, the cleaner air
  • An eye opening experiment you can do to self love and see the effects around you

Our call is divided into four chunks to make it easier to listen. Enjoy!

Divine feminine energy 

Part 1 – Why relationships go sour and what to do to heal.

Part 2 – What is the difference between a Medium vs Channel?

Part 3 – Talking to Grandmother (and other cool stuff)

Part 4 – Parallel realities and the glitch

Minali Talreja is an Ascension Practitioner and clairvoyant artist who lives in Mumbai. We met on an online Starseed meetup and she has such a gorgeous feminine energy that I invited her to the podcast. Minali told me that we (Minali and Wendy!) are collaborating off planet for an exchange project which is for the same purpose- the ascension of Earth through healing the feminine energy of this planet. How exciting!


To find out more about Minali visit her blog  alchemistofthenewage.tumblr.com 

or watch her video on starseeds.

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