EFT Tapping – A Unique Remedy for Beautiful Skin- 2024 Guide

EFT for skin problems

By Karen Alison www.no-ibs.com

Have you heard of EFT Tapping? It’s a fabulous remedy for stress and, as we all know, stress makes a mess of your skin.

How does stress harm your skin?

Are you frequently overloaded, overworked and overwhelmed? Or anxious, scared or angry? When that happens, your body prepares for flight or fight and the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released. These stress chemicals disrupt the way your cells work, so they can’t do their job properly. That includes skin cells!

In fact, Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, says, “… 95 percent of all illnesses [and skin problems] are related to lifestyle choices, chronic stress, and toxic factors in the environment.”

Chronic stress can be just as hard on your skin as smoking.

Fortunately, there’s a LOT you can do about it!

For one thing, Wendy’s wonderful, hand-crafted products work their restorative magic on your outer being.

But you will enhance the effect of what she offers by working on your inner state. If you’ve met someone with the serene countenance and radiant glow of a Buddhist monk, you know their beauty emanates from deep within.

And that’s where EFT Tapping can help you.

What exactly is EFT Tapping?

It’s a form of energy medicine based on the same meridian system used for five thousand years by traditional Chinese medicine.

Meridians are pathways or currents that run through your body along very specific routes, carrying your chi – or life energy. When your chi is blocked you end up with emotional struggle and physical ailments.

EFT Tapping clears those blockages. It releases negative emotions and memories that make you frown, cause wrinkles, and destroy collagen (your skin’s connective tissue.)

But there’s more!

One of the big problems with chronic stress is this… You produce so much cortisol, your body can’t get rid of it fast enough, so it’s like you’re always floating in a sea of stress chemicals.

Well, guess what?

EFT reduces your cortisol levels!

In fact, EFT even refreshes you on the genetic level, changing your DNA so you stay young longer. So says researcher, Dawson Church, PhD, in his book, The Genie in Your Genes.

He cites studies where people were given relaxation training to combat the stress that caused a range of physical problems – anything from infertility to rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure to chronic pain. (And you know when you’re in pain, your skin suffers, too.)

Dr. Church says, “Among the genes that changed were those involved with inflammation, the rate at which cells regenerate, and the scavenging of free radicals, which are a prime contributor to aging.” And problem skin!

How does EFT Tapping benefit your skin?

EFT Tapping is like relaxation training on steroids! When you relax from stress, so much improves in your body…

  • your immune function strengthens
  • your collagen and the integrity of your skin improves
  • you heal wounds faster
  • you resist bacterial infection better
  • you can deal with toxins more easily
  • you become more resilient

All of that adds up to much better skin.

You can also use tapping to help you sleep – and sleep is crucial for beautiful skin. The term “beauty sleep” isn’t just empty words – it’s your downtime when your body repairs itself.

So how do you do EFT Tapping?

You tap gently with your fingertips on eight specific meridian points on your head and torso, and one on the side of your hand.

While you do that, you repeat or think a phrase such as, “I feel stressed” or “I’m anxious about the exam this afternoon” or “I’m angry that my boss was such a jerk at the meeting.”

Focussing on a feeling or situation this way allows you to train your brain and emotions to neutralize your stress response to the event. Then you start to relax.

Ahh!…. Can’t you feel your skin improving just thinking about it?

Image © Karen Alison

EFT Tapping Image © Karen Alison

You can adapt EFT to any situation. EFT founder, Gary Craig, says, “Try it on everything!”

There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but once you’ve tapped a few times, you’ll easily remember the location of the points. The easiest way to learn is to watch a video. Here’s a two-minute EFT video that my friend, Kathy, made. You can ignore the words “Irritable Bowel” in the title. It’s really about tapping for anxiety.


The beauty of EFT Tapping is that it’s a fast fix you can use anywhere, whenever you feel anxious, stressed or out-of-balance. And if you don’t want people watching you, just go into the bathroom or tap in your car.

Your skin will thank you!

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