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Hope from the Stars – Elena Danaan

a gift from the stars

Elena is a French archaeologist and Emissary. She is a celebrant and Druidess, and lives in Ireland. She has written many books about her experiences on and off planet and has a popular YouTube Channel. She worked in Egypt for almost ten years on the sacred sites, and got to see places that the public never see. She is on Terra (Earth) to bring a message of hope to Humanity. Her overall message is of love and unity, and going within to trust your inner guidance. pause.

Born in France, Elena studied Fine Arts and Archaeology in Paris and spent twenty years as a field archaeologist in Egypt (in Karnak temples, Cairo, Denderah and the Valley of the Kings), and in France with Neolithic, Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures. She is also trained in traditional Egyptian Magic.

Magic has always been part of her life. From a young age she was able to heal and foretell. She was born into a long line of Baltic Shamans and is a certified Druidess and Celtic priestess and is now a full time emissary of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Contactee since early childhood, she wrote: “A Gift From The Stars”, that tells the story of her abduction at age 9 by aliens from Z. Reticuli, and her rescue by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

I had the great pleasure in April 2022 to interview Author Elena Danaan about her times in Egypt working as an Archaeologist and her book A Gift From The Stars. She radiates such beautiful energy, it was an honour to be with her. She is the real deal :-) I could feel it in my bones.

Elena Danaan

Listen now to discover:

  • Elena’s Book A Gift From The Stars
  • anti gravity and the void

  • How old are the pyramids?
  • Tips for menopause
  • Tips for seeing craft
  • Message to humanity
  • How to find out your origins and connect with your soul
  • Who is the real you?

How anti- gravity works


To find out more about Elena visit:

First Contact | Elena Danaan

Super important short video to watch if you have a teenager in your extended family:

alien races elena danaan

To see drawings of the different races involved with Terra (earth) order a copy of Elena’s beautiful book: ‘A Gift From The Stars’. The first race we will be introduced to lives in the Trappist 1 system. NASA are skirting around this. They have had the details for decades. It’s coming! Many of us here now are Starseeds, arrived to see Earth’s graduation. Those ‘dreams’ you have at night, some of them are you visiting other places in the universe. Write them down!

The Seeders

Elena’s latest book, The Seeders, is magnificent! It gives the true ancient history of Earth, before the great floods, before all the Holy books. And the most incredible illustrations, wow! I have a hard copy – it is a thick volume and so juicy I will re-read it many times. In 20 years time, humans will be working off planet, Terra (Earth) will be lush and green with clean air and anti gravity vehicles will be ordinary! I am young enough to be able to see this – yay!

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