My Facial Products

Let me tell you a story…

I designed all my products after travelling to exotic places. They are like snapshots in time.

Heart of Eternity was conceived in the High Atlas Mountains and Marrakech Souks.  Jasmine and roses in secret gardens. Goats in argan trees. Sweet mint tea.

Proposal in Paris  evokes the romantic trips to art galleries, cafes and botanic gardens. The music, style and elegant French way of life. Lavender fields in Provence during my Aromatherapy Diploma year.

Ultra Radiance evokes the opulence of the Hotel Danieli, a restored fourteenth century Venetian palace. Chandeliers, red velvet staircases and rare gilt edged masterpieces in private galleries. ‘Venice, it’s temples and palaces did seem like fabrics of enchantment piled to heaven,’ said 18th century romantic poet Percy Shelley.

Graceful ageing

I’m often asked what products are best for particular skin types. And whether Proposal in Paris face cream is only for combination skin or a certain age group.

The beauty of my products is that they work across genders and age groups.

Because I use floral hydrosols as the main component in all my facial products, it means that the product is more powerful than a  regular high street brand.


Hydrosols are slightly acidic, which is what your skin prefers.

Regular products are made with ordinary tap water, which does nothing for your skin.  While hydrosols have this magical ability to rebalance skin. So if your skin is dry, they infuse it with moisture. Hydrosols calm down redness and irritation. I love them.

As an artist I work with plant materials to bring joy to your face and delight to your heart.


My skincare routine


Step 1 – Cleanse with Jardin de Fleurs Cleanser or exfoliate with Harmony Facial scrub

Disturbed sleep and stressful days show as exhausted skin.

But the soothing and cooling action of Jardin de Fleurs calms irritated skin and brings Zen and a silky softness to your face.

Harmony facial polish whisks away dead skin cells that make your skin seem dull and tired

Your skin soon feels fresh and clean.

Begin and end your day with flowers that make you smile.


Step 2 – Spritz with collagen boosting Drench Facial Tonic

Fine lines form when collagen and elastin dwindle making you look old before your time.

But the smoothing action of Drench is unkind to wrinkles.

With Drench, you’ll soon enjoy compliments from women half your age.

Your skin laps up Vitamin B and C, MSM, hyaluronic acid and aloe.

The essential oils impart serenity and calm.


Step 3 – Hydrate with Heart of Eternity or Proposal in Paris day and night creme

Dry skin can itch, flake or feel raw at the most awkward times.

As oestrogen drops, skin thins and loses moisture.

But the hydrating action of Proposal in Paris and  Heart of Eternity seals in moisture and nourishment.

Experience your skin as soft as velvet.

Allow your senses to soar with exotic floral notes and sensuous textures.


Step 4 – Nourish with Empress Elixir Serum

Random spots, caused by hormone changes, can leave nasty scars on your neck and jaw line.

But the balancing action of Empress Elixir calms overactive oil glands and works to fade scar tissue.

Natural retinol aternatives without the embarrasment of redness or flaking.

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Worried how your skin will react?

I hear you. I am crazy sensitive to ingredients, so I test everything.

It’s most likely you’ll be fine, because 95% of my ingredients are gourmet-food quality.
To be sure, here’s how to do an easy ‘patch test’:

Pop a teensy dab someplace out of sight. (like your inner arm)
Wait overnight. If you don’t have a reaction, then you’re good to go.

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Ask Wendy:

Dry skin around eyes

If your skin around your eyes is dry, look for a moisturiser that does not have pore clogging ingredients like cocoa butter.

You need to use a texture that is light enough not to block pores nor weigh down skin, yet hydrating enough to lock in moisture.

I recommend this eye cream made with skin balancing helichrysum hydrosol and Japanese Camellia extract that works to reduce those panda-style dark circles.

Skincare routine for dry skin

The two most important products are your cleanser and moisturiser. If you do these two steps right, they may be all you need!

Cleanse with a gentle and moisturising facial cream that does not strip away your skin’s natural protection  eg Jardin de Fleurs.

Once a week (winter) or twice a week during other months, use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells to allow your products to penetrate (Harmony facial scrub made with bamboo silica) And if you wear makeup, you’ll appreciate the smoother surface to apply your foundation.

Apply a natural moisturising face tonic made with flower hydrosols such as Drench facial tonic.

Then seal in hydration with a natural moisturiser packed with skin-loving extracts such as Heart or Eternity or Proposal in Paris.

If you have any scar tissue, or fine lines around your eyes or mouth, apply a single drop and pat into your skin with raindrop fingers.

This is a simple routien that takes only a few minutes. The aromatherapy essential oils in each have been selected to nurture your skin adn revive your sense. Our world is a stressful place and aromatherapy has the power to give us all a boost.

Use your skincare time to relish in the act of physical touch.  Touch is a critical sense that is often neglected. and even more in our virtual style way of life in this pandemic.

Skincare routine for acne, oily or combination skin.

I made many mistakes with my skin when I was teenager. I treated it harshly with alcohoil based pharmacy products, falsley believing if I could dry out the zits, my life would be restored.  That did not help my skin clear up.  My advice is to be gentle. You skin can rebalance.

So cleanse with a gentle and moisturising facial cream that does not strip away your skin’s natural protection  eg Jardin de Fleurs.

Apply a natural moisturising face toner made with flower hydrosols such as Drench facial tonic. Apply an aromatherapy spot blend to any zits.

Apply a sebum-balancing  moisturiser that contains both jojoba and lavender hydrosol to rebalance your skin’s sebum production, naturally. Proposal in Paris is excellent for this. Jojoba is one of nature’s magical plants. I wish Proposal in Paris existsed for my spotty years!

Next apply a single drop of Empress Elixir to any scar tissue or pigmented areas to fade the discolouration.

Twice a week (or three times a week during change of seasons)  use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells to allow your products to penetrate (Harmony facial scrub made with bamboo silica). Use this instead of Jardin de Flerus.

Remember that ‘bad skin’ reflects your inner wellbeing and digestion. You may be eating things that your body cannot digest or absorb. This was true for my teen years. Only in hindsight do I know what I ate wrong.  Consult a kineseologist to test what foods you should  be eliminating or avoiding.  Many of us are gluten or fructose sensitive.


 Best skincare products UK

I am going to toot my own horn here.  I am one of the small  artisan makers intent on bringing you the most beautifully crafted creations that return your skin to health so that you can feel good in your own skin.  You are already beautiful- let it shine through. Enjoy life and be happy.

I would love to be your go-to artisanal facial care maker for moisturising face cream and natural face tonics. So go on – treat your skin with my  artisan-made facial products handcrafted here in Devon. Feel the Glow!

I’m often asked ‘which’ products are best for certain situations/conditions… so here are some tips:

(If your specific question isn’t answered, I’ll be happy to help, just email me)

Lightweight moisturiser – Proposal in Paris

Best winter moisturiser-  Heart of Eternity

Organic Rose water based face cream moisturizer and tonic– Heart of Eternity and Drench

Instant Face lift cream – Ultra Radiance

Most expensive face cream – Bespoke

Paraben free moisturiser face creams – all Glow face creams

Rosacea? – Proposal in Paris with calming Hibiscus

Fine lines – Drench and Empress Elixir, and Heart of Eternity

Sensitive skin – the entire Glow range. Start with Try-Me Experience

Night Cream – Ultra Radiance, Heart of Eternity

Eye creams – Bespoke eye creams

Oily combination Skin – Harmony, Proposal in Paris and Drench

Removing dead skin – Harmony facial scrub is suitable for face and neck.

Cleansing balm – Samba

Facial cleanser – Jardin de Fleurs

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