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Worried how your skin will react?

I hear you. I am crazy sensitive to ingredients, so I test everything.

It’s most likely you’ll be fine, because 98.2-100% of my ingredients are gourmet-food quality.

My recipes have been independently assessed and tested for safety.

(The EU Cosmetic laws are the strictest in the world.)

To be sure, here’s how to do an easy ‘patch test’:

Pop a teensy dab someplace out of sight. (like your inner arm)

Wait overnight. If you don’t have a reaction, then you’re good to go.

Order your Try-Me Kit now.

Instructions For Use

My range is potent.  It works on the outside of your body. You are still responsible for the internal parts (what you drink and eat). If you have acne, you will need to cleanse your body internally, speak to me about that.

  1. Cleansing:

Cleanse or remove makeup with Jardin de Fleurs.  Once or twice a week exfoliate with eco-friendly Radiance (the scrubby bits are made from jojoba wax and don’t accumulate in the ocean)Pump a tiny dab into your palm, blend with a few drops of water. Massage onto your face with delicate circular movements. Splash off with water or wipe with a damp muslin.

Pump a tiny dab into your palm, blend with a few drops of water. Massage onto your face with delicate circular movements. Got a favourite facial massage routine? Now’s your chance to use it. Splash off with water or wipe with a damp muslin.  For maximum hydration, follow with Drench collagen-building facial tonic.

2. Collagen boosting and pH balancing:

Drench is my collagen boosting tonic packed with acids, aloe and minerals to help your skin glow. Use it after cleansing, and during the day. Simply close your eyes, then spray over face and neck up to five times. If it’s hot and humid outdoors, you could store it in the fridge for a refreshing blast eg during hot flashes at night.

Drench is only  for women who want to pamper their skin.

3. Moisturising

Lock in hydration with Heart of Eternity or your Bespoke face cream.  One pump twice daily is enough. Smooth onto skin with gentle fingertips.

To enhance Qi even further, tap gently over your face using raindrop or piano fingers. Inhale the precious aromatics and feel yourself recharge and rebalance.

4. Serum

For best results, follow your moisturiser with Empress Elixir antioxidant youth serum.  A few drops twice or more daily will boost elasticity, firmness and suppleness.

Remember to follow the instructions provided in my book.

Keep hydrated internally with plenty of coherent water. Super important. (If you don’t know what this is, ask me.) If you have acne it is essential.

Once you’ve got your routine sorted, contact me about upgrading your menu for extra energy, mental alertness, loosing the last few kg etc.

How To Store Your Products

Natural ingredients are fragile. Store your skin delights away from heat or light sources.

Mother Nature cannot be standardised, so expect slight and colour or scent variations.

Each jar has an expiry date eg Exp 01/17 is good until the end of January 2017.

After that, you should bin it.

Wendy’s tips for glowing skin:

Use clean fingers.  Switch washcloths daily. My simple routine:

Cleanse with Jardin de Fleurs, tone with Drench, moisturise with Heart of Eternity.

Nourish with a few drops of Empress Elixir.  That’s it.

Most weekends, I’ll exfoliate with Radiance then pop on a hydrating mask. Gorgeous.

Ready to transform nightmare skin?

If you’re oozing toxic gunk (acne, zits, spots, pimples) ask me about my 90-Day Clear Skin Program.

If your skin is dry, rough and dull then order your Try-Me Kit now.

Helping you keep our planet healthy

Never have, never will test on animals.  Wendy cares about remaining rainforests and British wildlife.

Glow’s vegan-friendly range is free from genetic modification,  palm-oil, gluten and toxins.

Ingredients are wildcrafted or sourced from small, independent organic and biodynamic farms.

Packaging can be composted, upcycled or recycled. How to re-use your Miron glass.

Wendy supports female entrepreneurs though Kiva Lending.


Longtailed tits at the Glow birdfeeder.

The hill behind the Glow Studio

View over the Salcombe/Kingsbridge Estuary. The Glow Studio is lower down the hill.

What is Reiki?

When energy flows steadily through our meridians and chakras, our body is in balance, wellbeing and harmony. Any blockages in the energy flow create disharmony or dis-ease.

Reiki brings us back to balance by shifting energetic blocks.   Reiki enhances our innate healing potential.

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