Why a flower ritual for self-care?

It gives you a chunk of time to step aside from the world and allow yourself time to breathe and be.

Flowers are such magnificent creations from Nature. Their colour, shape and scent have a connection to our deepest DNA.

Every year, the plants work hard to create these fleeting items of such beauty.

They symbolise renewal. beauty. joy.

Just think of how you feel when the doorbell rings and a florist has delivered flowers – wow!!

So now next time you get flowers, save the flowers for your bath. After the bath add them to your compost heap or wormery.

So here we go, a flower ritual! To recycle your flowers…and get more enjoyment from them…. adn to have an At Home Spa Experience.. for free…

Create a flower ritual

For your flower ritual you’ll need:

  • some flower petals
  • warm fluffy towel
  • beverages
  • book or music (optional)
  • half an hour to yourself.

What flowers are suitable?

My favourite are rose petals!  I use petals from Valentin’s day and the garden. Waste not want not. Also lovely are elderflowers, lavender buds, calendula and camellia.

They don’t need to be scented flowers.

If you live in the tropics, hibiscus or bouganvillea will be perfect.

You can also buy dried rose, cornflower or calendula.

What can you do if you don’t have any flower petals lurking?

You can mix a few drops of a floral essential oil into a dispering agent like honey or full fat milk. You could try lavender and sweet orange or mandarin and patchouli. (Rose essential oil or absolute is so expensive I would reserve that for your face!)

How to do it…

  • Run your bath.
  • Make yourself a cup of herbal tea. Also pour a big glass of water. (Hydration, hydration, hydration) Take these to the bathroom.
  • Add the flowers to the bath.  You can heap them into a cotton drawstring bag to make clean up easier. Or you can let them float around the bath.
  • Swish the water around and step in. Sink into the blissful warmth and let the cares of the day float away.
  • You can close your eyes and listen to calming music.  Or read a book!
  • Afterwards dry yourself with a warm fluffy towel. Spritz your face with rosewater or frankincense hydrosol (or Drench), apply face cream, body lotion and eye cream.
  • Pull on your freshly laundered jimjams. Mmmm that’s great feeling clean and relaxed… now have some more water.
  • Ideally you’ve got nothing on your schedule and can climb into bed and carry on reading your book!
  • It’s a good idea to get an early night, now that you’re feeling more relaxed.
  • Congratulate yourself for making time for yourself. (And do it again soon!)

Stay well and hydrated!

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