Food for wellbeing- Wendy Morrison

Food for wellbeing

Meet the lovely Wendy Morrison. Wendy is an Acupuncturist and editor of the Five Flavours magazine. Wendy is passionate about empowering people to learn about their bodies, and how they can help themselves towards a healthier life.

Food has been used to heal the body for thousands of years. Chinese medicine views ill health as an imbalance of energy flow in the body and that these imbalances can be healed through simple yet effective changes in the diet. 

REMEMBER, food nourishes our blood and our blood nourishes every cell in our body.

Wendy Morrison

The current Western trend of listing calories, fat content, sugar etc is not enough for maintaining good health. Because each human is different, blanket advice will not work for everyone. Listen up to hear the Chinese perspective on food energetics. This might explain why that menopause belly failed to shift with extreme diets and exercise. As Wendy says, ‘We human beings are all very different, therefore one diet cannot suit everyone.’

“How you do anything is how you do everything. When you rush through meals, you are likely to rush through life”

Zen saying

She also shares her special tea recipes. A tasty episode, so get comfy and enjoy!

Acupuncture and Food

In Part 1 you’ll discover:

  • why an apple is different to a tomato, energetically
  • the mistake women make trying to loose belly flab
  • smoothies- are they as healthy as advertised?
  • two spicy recipes to try today

Acupuncture for menopause

In Part 2 you’ll discover:

  • the difference between worry and anxiety
  • a way to reduce anxiety
  • a water blessing for peace
  • her teacher Jeffrey Yuen
  • an unusual tea for hot flashes
  • the surprising beauty secret related to kidney yang energy!
  • tip for younger women – midriffs..

Wendy is qualified in Five Element, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classic Chinese Medicine. Wendy qualified with a BSc(Hons) degree in Acupuncture in 2007 and attends post-graduate training with Daoist Priest and Chinese Medicine Master Jeffrey Yuen in Ireland. Her personal interests include Zen Buddhism, hill walking and dancing, ceroc, modern jive and Argentine tango dancing.


Wendy’s website is

facial acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing alternative healing professions in the West. It offers a completely natural, efficient and economical way to take care of health and sis also used for natural facial rejuvenation. Wendy also offers this in South Devon.

wendy gardner

About Me

Wendy Gardner is the skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. When she's not making creams or writing updates, she likes to draw and read great fiction!

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