Is Gamma Oryzanol safe for humans?

Yes. Gamma Oryzanol  is sold as a medicine in Japan. It’s also a beauty secret for healthy hair and hydrated skin.

It’s also known as Gama Orizanol, Gamma-Oryzanol, Gamma-OZ, Oryzanol.

It is a natural extract from rice bran husks. The Latin name for rice is Oryza sativa, so you can see how gamma oryzanol gets its name.

What is Gamma Oryzanol?

Gamma-oryzanol (γ-oryzanol) contains a mixture of antioxidant molecules called steryl ferulates. (The molecules are Cycloartenyl Ferulate, Cycloartenol, , Beta-sitosterol, 24-methylenecycloartanol, and Campesterol and they are all built on a ferulic acid backbone..)

Gamma Oryzanol benefits

Rice bran oil is used in Asia for cooking as it has a high smoke point.

Gamma-Oryzanol extract has powerful antioxidant effects and a Japanese medicine for   anxiety and menopause. It’s been studied for mood, nervous system, heart health, stress, immunity and sleep.

When used in skincare products, Gamma-oryzanol acts as a protective shield against UV and smoke that cause free radical damage such as melanin synthesis (skin darkening).

Because gamma-oryzanol activates sebum glands, it can be used to reduce skin dryness. This is one secret to how Japanese women keep their skin hydrated and soft.

Oryzanol and menopause

Rice bran extract protects against ageing-related skin symptoms, such as roughness and wrinkling. Oryzanol is actually more effective than Vitamin C in slowing down collagen degradation.  (This is why it’s included in Ultra Radiance (Glow’s made to order face cream) and  Heart of Eternity Night Cream)

After menopause our skin naturally thins and wrinkles – oryzanol can help to keep our skin thicker and smoother, for longer.

Cycloartenyl ferulate has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce allergic reactions, so this keeps your complexion more even.

Oryzanol is also used in hair care products because it promotes hair follicle proliferation and secretion of growth factors.


Antioxidant defenses
Supports antioxidant defenses (SOD, GPx)
Supports Nrf2 signaling
Supports phase II antioxidant enzymes (HO-1, NQO1)
Counters ROS production and oxidative stress