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tarot for wellbeing

Julie Nelson is back!  She shares her experience as an astrologer – and also gives valuable tips on how we can start learning it to empower ourselves both in our personal lives and for our businesses.

Julie does a 3 card reading for us for July 2022, and it has a powerful message that I think you will find strengthening and nourishing.

She also shares an exclusive perfume recipe using natural essential oils. Mmmm.  A juicy episode, so get comfy and enjoy!

Oracle cards vs tarot cards

In Part 1 you’ll discover:

  • the difference between Oracle cards and Tarot.
  • The 4 suits and the 4 elements
  • Playing cards.
  • Should you ask a specific question or work with your intuition?
  • Astrology and the highest good, cosmos, universal energy.
  • Cards as a tool in our personal growth

Tarot Tips

In Part 2 you’ll discover:

  • The best set of cards to get started with.
  • Inner Trust and Knowing that we know
  • How to use Astrology in business for decision making
  • What feelings, key words, symbols come to you?
  • How to choose the Past, Present and Future cards.

Divine feminine

In Part 3 you’ll discover:

  • Julie pulls cards for this month’s reading
  • But what do they mean? Julie explains…
  • 3 gorgeous Essential oils that you can use
  • A natural perfume recipe to make at home

Julie is based in New South Wales where she creates exquisite botanical perfumes with essential oils, natural extracts and love.  She also teaches women to empower themselves through her Fragrant Oracle cards.


Listen to Julie’s interviews on Natural Perfumery and Fragrant Oracle cards https://www.julienelson.com.au/

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