Carrie Anderson

Podcast: Animal Reiki – Carrie Anderson A fabulous conversation with Carrie Anderson. She is an author, Reiki Master, Diviner, Yoga Instructor and … Read more

Pineal gland activation

Your pineal gland looks like a little pinecone and is really important for many reasons, not just physical health but also staying connected to Source/God. When … Read more

Peter Webb Pleides

Peter Webb

Podcast Q&A with Laurentia’s President Peter’s mission is to help all living Beings on our planet. Peter answers questions about his incredible … Read more

Carina Nebula

James Webb Telescope Images What does space smell like? What are the colours and shapes? Well, we see the colors and shapes … Read more

real moldavite

Moldavite uk

I had never heard of moldavite until recently. And then I began a search to find the genuine article in the UK. … Read more


smell of rain I’ve always loved the smell in the air when rain falls in summer. To my nose it smells like … Read more

therapeutic massage

therapeutic massage Do you believe that  therapeutic massage is just some fluffy woo woo thing that bored people do to fill in … Read more

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