Ayurveda Body Types

ayurveda body type

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that in simple English means  the “Science of Life”. Ayurveda began in India about 4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age and is a holistic wellbeing programme that connects body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic medical students were taught from the ancient Vedas. Their training covered 8 disciplines: … Read more

How to get rid of bruises

bruises natural remedies

It’s holiday time again and trips to the park often result in falls and bruises.  Hydrosols, vegetable and essential oils from your aromatherapy collection can be used in your home as part of your natural first aid kit… This article is for the daily bumps and bruises we get in everyday life so if you … Read more


natural perfume interview julie nelson

Natural Perfume and Menopause- Julie Nelson – “Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense and has a direct link to the limbic brain, once known as the smell brain or survival brain. When we inhale a scent that we resonate with we are immediately emotionally uplifted. We experience a shift in mindset, moods … Read more

Natural remedies for Psoriasis

natural remedies psoriasis

Psoriasis Psoriasis is estimated to affect about a million people in the UK.  Aromatherapists, by the very nature of their profession, encounter skin issues on a daily basis.  Like most skin conditions, there tends to be no quick easy cure, as the skin condition is a reflection of deeper internal issues that need to be … Read more

Natural remedies for Eczema

natural remedies for eczema

Natural remedies for Eczema (Dermatitis)   Eczema is a problem for 10% of the population.  The name is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘to boil’. What an apt description of a skin rash which is inflamed, red, itchy and possibly weeping and scabbed.  Many opt for  corticosteroid creams which promise short term relief, but … Read more

Menopause and back pain

menopause and back pain

Another little-spoken-about aspect of menopause is back pain. And now that working from home is a Thing, I’m guessing back pain is going to be on the increase. Back pain is horrible. It makes simple things like loading the dishwasher or putting on socks an agony. And it’s a real damper on mood. The good … Read more

Menopause and Hair Loss- Guide 2021

menopause hair loss

If Rapunzel was in perimenopause, she wouldn’t have enough hair to make a climbing rope for the Prince. One of the less talked about aspects of menopause is the shock of hair loss and hair thinning… ugh. I’ve been through it, and tried out ways to reduce the loss, so keep reading if this is … Read more


Hello!  If you like listening to podcasts while you work-out, commute or do chores, then try out my Aspie in Menopause podcast.   It’s not only for Aspies but it is for those concerned about staying well through their midlife. Menopause isnt a topic we know much about – well other than the jokes of … Read more

Bach Flower Remedies List – Guide 2021

bach flower remedies

What are Bach Flower Remedies? They’re gentle natural extracts made from flowers and trees. The original 38 remedies were developed in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr Edward Bach who noted their power to help with emotions. Bach Flower Essences are energy remedies. They work to disrupt negative energy states or vibrations. They are non-toxic … Read more

The vitamin your skin craves

niacinamide skincare

Some skincare ingredients have exotic names, like Moroccan Argan and Tunisian Orange Blossom. Others are less glitzy, but powerful in an understated way like a classic Little Black Dress. One of these unsung heros is Vitamin B3.  Yes it’s what your skin craves! It’s also called Niacinamide  and is a key part of skincare for … Read more