cupuacu butter

cupuacu butter benefits

What is Cupuaçu butter? One of the gifts of the rainforest is Cupuaçu. It’s a nutrient-rich, life sustaining botanical that has made it’s way from the Amazon to our artisanal studios. It’s a tree in the cocoa family and it’s delicious fruit is prized by birds, monkeys and humans. In Peru and Brazil the creamy … Read more

essential oils used for cancer

essential oils and cancer

I plan to add to this page as I find herbs and foods that help if you or a friend have received a cancer diagnosis. Some of the most popular essential oils used for supportive care in cancer include: Rosemary Lavender Chamomile Eucalyptus Peppermint Jasmine Lemon Marjoram Ylang ylang Geranium Ginger Frankincense And of course … Read more

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

If you ever wondered why aloe is used so often for sunburn, dry skin and soothing rashes, it’s because it contains so many skin-loving nutrients. But Aloe is not just one plant! There are many in the Aloe family that you wont be using on your skin. The type that you can use is called … Read more


dewlock skincare extracts by Wendy Gardner

What is Dewlock ? It’s a process invented/discovered by me here in Devon.  It’ called the DewLock process and is how I manage to help dry skin become less dry.  I am simply the vessel allowing Nature to do her work in you. My hands are the conduit through which the energy flows and it … Read more

Vitamin F for skin

vitamin F

What is Vitamin F ? Yes you’ve heard of Vitamin A, C and E also B vitamin complex, but what the heck is vitamin F?   Well Vitamin F turns out to be the combination, or blend,  of two acids: ALA and LA acids. These are critical for healthy skin. You can eat them too, … Read more

Ayurveda Body Types

ayurveda body type

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that in simple English means  the “Science of Life”. Ayurveda began in India about 4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age and is a holistic wellbeing programme that connects body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic medical students were taught from the ancient Vedas. Their training covered 8 disciplines: … Read more

How to get rid of bruises

bruises natural remedies

It’s holiday time again and trips to the park often result in falls and bruises.  Hydrosols, vegetable and essential oils from your aromatherapy collection can be used in your home as part of your natural first aid kit… This article is for the daily bumps and bruises we get in everyday life so if you … Read more


natural perfume interview julie nelson

Natural Perfume and Menopause- Julie Nelson – “Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense and has a direct link to the limbic brain, once known as the smell brain or survival brain. When we inhale a scent that we resonate with we are immediately emotionally uplifted. We experience a shift in mindset, moods … Read more

Natural remedies for Psoriasis

natural remedies psoriasis

Psoriasis Psoriasis is estimated to affect about a million people in the UK.  Aromatherapists, by the very nature of their profession, encounter skin issues on a daily basis.  Like most skin conditions, there tends to be no quick easy cure, as the skin condition is a reflection of deeper internal issues that need to be … Read more

Natural remedies for Eczema

natural remedies for eczema

Natural remedies for Eczema (Dermatitis)   Eczema is a problem for 10% of the population.  The name is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘to boil’. What an apt description of a skin rash which is inflamed, red, itchy and possibly weeping and scabbed.  Many opt for  corticosteroid creams which promise short term relief, but … Read more