Why I don’t use Skincare Acids

why i dont use acids

Why would you even want to use an acid on your skin? Isn’t it dangerous? And if you live a clean and healthy lifestyle, do you even need to use acids? Good questions. Hello, I’m Wendy. I don’t use ‘acids’ on my skin – why? The media will tell you, Of course you need acids, … Read more

Clinique Moisture Surge

clinique moisture surge

I’m often asked, what’s inside a well known facial care product or cosmetic. So that’s what today’s post is about…  I’m going to pick a brand you’d have seen at Duty Free (remember those days?!) Clinique moisturiser We all use moisturiser, so it’s a good choice for today. Now look at this photo. See the … Read more

Sunbathing for health

sunbathe heliotherapy

Sunbathing has many health benefits.  So what does sunlight do for the body?’ Sunlight is essential for Vitamin D production (hello strong bones and teeth), sun baths also boost immunity, brain and heart function, mood and eyesight. After a long, wet and grey winter… there’s nothing like sunbathing to feel perky and energetic.  Libido gets … Read more

Naked Yoga

naked yoga

It’s not surprising that yoga has many trendy hybrids, be it yoga with dogs, goats, lemurs or on horseback.   There’s yoga in water, with trampolining, with weights,  Rolfing, snowshoeing, Pilates, mindfulness, rafting, Capoeira, crossfit, Hip-Hop, boxing, acrobatics and using a silk hammock (aerial yoga). Geeta Iyengar offered yoga for women and now you can take … Read more

Rosacea & Celtic Skin – 2021 Guide-Natural Moisturiser, Essential Oils

rosacea cream reviews

Rosacea is one of the painful inflammatory skin conditions that affects many Celtic, Scandinavian, Scottish, Welsh and Eastern European skin types. Over 415 million people may suffer from it, especially adults over 30. What is rosacea? It’s considered  an indicator of a systemic low-grade inflammation,  according to a Finnish study. It usually affects the cheeks, … Read more

15 tips for reducing Maskne


Face Masks have moved into the category of everyday items, like clothes and shoes. What causes maskne? It’s caused by combination of three things: – stress from the pandemic, combined with – breathing into a mask creates a hot and humid environment to grow bacteria and organisms – constant rubbing and pressure causes micro-tears in … Read more

6 Dangers of hand sanitizers

GlowRevival frankincense and turmeric soap

Yes, they’re useful when there are no washing facilities available, for instance at shop entrances, when you’re out and about. Yes, sanitisers with at least 60 percent ethanol  act similiar to soap in destabilizing lipid membranes, but they cannot easily remove microorganisms from the skin. This is where water is useful – to flush away … Read more

What does Louise Hay say about dry skin?

article dry skin louise hay

Louise Hay Heal  Your Life Transformational guru Louise  Hay is well known for her alternative ways of looking at illness.. she doesn’t even use the word disease- instead she calls it dis-ease. Did you notice that little tweak? That simple ‘-‘ hypen,  shifts your attitude from helpless victim to somebody with power.  When you believe … Read more

Learning yoga at home

yoga for health

Yes, it can be tricky to get started at home, but the good thing is that you don’t need to spend an hour to see some benefit. You don’t even need a yoga mat or special clothes. And you can do it inside, no matter the weather. Yoga helps calm the body and mind. It … Read more