What is Kombucha – Why I Switched To Continuous Brew


Kombucha – What is it? Kombucha, in short, is fermented tea.  It’s a semi sour liquid rich in probiotics produced by a weird pancake type blob called a SCOBY. Scoby stands for Symbiotic Culture/Colony Of non-toxic Bacteria and non-toxic Yeast This living ‘thing’ transforms sugary tea into a vitamin rich elixir. Kombucha’s been made in … Read more

What is the connection between wellness and mindset?


These few days nestled between Christmas and the New Year hours have been filled with reading and mulling over concepts from the personal transformation course I am doing. Today I wanted to write a final article for the year that joins the dots between wellness and mindset. What is the connection? Well first of all … Read more

Natural remedies for your home


The Scout’s motto ‘Be prepared ‘ is true for life’s little emergencies, especially with a natural first aid kit. Stock up today on a few items from your natural health store so that you have on hand the basic essentials when an emergency arises. Early treatment speed recovery time and can often nip things in … Read more

Well-Being tips for 2021: Aspies and HSPs


You might know of somebody super sensitive. Or somebody on the Autistic Spectrum. It might be you, a friend or a colleague.  Maybe you’re a caregiver or parent.  I will share my 16 best coping tips so that you can pass them on….every act of kindness comes back to you, somehow, some day. Aspergers, Aspies, … Read more

Louise Hay: You Can heal your life


I had no idea that there was a link between my emotions and my body until I read a small book called Body Talk by Louise L. Hay. Louise L. Hay was a metaphysical practitioner and best selling author who noticed the connections between our thoughts, emotions and physical illnesses.   In Body Talk, Louise … Read more

What is Reiki?


What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of energy healing from the Universe.   All living things contain Life Force(Qi , Chi or Prana) Qi is like electricity flowing through a circuit when you press a switch. Switch on a light and darkness vanishes. Sometimes our Qi energy is low, and this is reflected in … Read more

What is that e-symbol on labels?

e symbol meaning

Look on food and cosmetic packaging and  you’ll see an ‘e’ symbol.  What does it mean? Well it has nothing to do with E-numbers or food additives. What is the e symbol? The e symbol is also known as the Estimated sign or e-mark. The estimated sign, ℮, also referred to as the e-mark or … Read more

16 ways to recycle Miron glass in 2021

miron glass uk

With the pandemic lots of us are learning how to do old-fashioned crafts, and we’re also repurposing clothes, furniture and objects. Miron glassware is an excellent packaging that is made in Europe and has many health properties vs conventional glass. So it make sense to repurpose or recyle it. Updated February 2021 with 6 new … Read more