Kelly Bordage, Montessori teacher and mom in Ontario

Kelly Bordage, Montessori teacher and mom in Ontario

My husband says I look ten years younger.

It‘s scary trying new products when you’ve had 40 years of cystic acne, eczema and sensitive skin.

But since switching to Glow Skincare, I’ve had oodles of compliments on my skin.

My skin looks, feels and is the healthiest it has ever been.

Karen Alison Writer/Natural Health Educator

Karen Alison Writer/Natural Health Educator

I love how the whole Glow skincare routine feels like magic or alchemy. It’s not something you “have” to do (like brushing your teeth) but something you can’t resist doing.

I love the smell. I love the feel. I love Drench – why is it so appealing to spray something delicious on your face? I love EE. I love the moisturizer. I love how you can smell the products on your skin after you put them on.

I love how you only need a tiny amount of the cleanser and it seems to spread all over your face. Actually, all the products are like that – you don’t need vast quantities at any one time because they provide such a plethora of benefits. Considering what goes into them, it’s really an enormous value.

So, is it just my imagination, or are your products calming? I notice when I do the morning routine with face crème, Drench and EE that I feel calm and peaceful afterwards… uplifted. Perhaps that ‘s the Reiki energy? But I think also the scents and the ingredients themselves. They are very restorative.

 Kim Thalheimer, Deputy Director, athlete and mom

Kim Thalheimer, Deputy Director, athlete and mom

Within days of switching, my face feels silky and nourished…the dryness and tightness are gone

I used expensive over-the-counter products, but my best friend Kelly got the compliments.

I now feel comfortable in my own skin… I wish I’d made the leap earlier.

Mary Wray Montessori teacher and mom

Mary Wray Montessori teacher and mom

Heart of Eternity made a huge difference in my skin. I suffer from rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. I spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to find a product that my skin doesn’t react to, isn’t filled with chemicals, and actually works.

Heart of Eternity is it! My skin calmed down, the break outs became minimal, and I’m starting to see a glow to my skin that hasn’t been around in a long time.

Is Heart of Eternity a miracle? No, but I think using this product along with making healthy choices like drinking enough water, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and exercising; helps me grow older gracefully.

I want my skin to look healthy and youthful, and Heart of Eternity is helping me achieve that goal.
Mary WrayMontessori teacher and mom

 Jenny Sjolund Writer

Jenny Sjolund Writer

I was always chasing whatever skincare issue would arise. A random pimple. Then dry patches. Irritation and redness.

Wendy convinced me to try her holistic routine with the Glow Essential Collection, and I decided to keep a diary to track results.

The first thing I noticed was the incredible scent when I received the package, my entire being took a deep breath and I instantly relaxed.

From there it only got better. From the first use my skin felt stimulated, like it was coming to life.

The deep moisturization was unlike anything I had experienced before.

For two days I had a little bit of peeling as my skin renewed itself, revealing a youthful radiance that made me feel beautiful- without makeup!

Now I feel like I have a skincare routine that supports my skin, as opposed to manipulating it.

The result is consistently gorgeous complexion. I am truly glowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
WARNING: once you start using Glow skincare products, nothing else will do.
I started with the essential collection to give it a fair shot, and the results have been astounding.
My skin doesn’t just look healthy, it is healthy… these products are truly healing. My complexion has come alive, and I can only think this living glow is what Glow must have been named for.
I didn’t order my next round soon enough… had to use some of my old products (all high-end, quality brands mind you) as I waited for the shipment to arrive… it was shocking to me to experience the difference.
My old products felt like rubbing sludge on my face!!
Let’s just say I’ll make sure I never run out again. Thank you Wendy, you are an artist and your work is life changing.

Jaqueline Rizk

Jaqueline Rizk

Detox Diva, Educator and mom

Make your friends green with envy wondering if you got a facelift…

If you want something nobody else has, Glow is the way to go.

Show of hands. How many of you think bespoke (personalized) skincare is for movie stars and royalty? Something created for Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez by some celebrity facialist who creates the creams and potions out of butterfly kisses and rainbows meant to give them camera ready ageless skin right when they roll out of bed?

What if I were to tell you that skincare made exactly to your specifications with the finest ingredients imaginable was firmly in your grasp?

Part of the territory of being a beauty and health editor is trying numerous organic and natural skincare products; some great, some good, some not so good and some still you aren’t quite sure whether it is just your skin or it is a product you want to write the company and tell never ever to make again.

Although I have fallen in love with products as a result of this trial-and-error I always wondered what it would be like to take all the aspects that I love in each product and leave all the not so nice aspects and marry them into one amazing product.

Meet Wendy Gardner, creator of the gorgeous artisanal line Glow Skincare (who I envy because she lives in Devonshire in the UK, one of the most beautiful places on earth), alchemist, magician, purveyor of gorgeous gloriously glowing skin. (Say that five times fast, I dare you!) Her potions and lotions are nothing short of miraculous (something along the lines of finding a unicorn in your back yard), and, while she creates ‘off the rack’ cleansers, moisturizers and tonics (made with high quality luscious ingredients like sandalwood, lavender and rose with nourishing oils like jojoba and avocado) , her claim to fame is, was, and always will be her bespoke skincare.

I am one of the lucky women that has been touched by her genius having a cleanser, a day cream, and a night cream made based on my needs and desires.

Bruce and Anni Chenoweth, Idaho

Bruce and Anni Chenoweth, Idaho

Heart of Eternity Causes Amnesia!

Wendy, I have to tell you that your incredible “Heart of Eternity” face creme causes amnesia! Here is how I know:

When I first considered getting some I was wondering if it could actually be worth the price. Once I began using it I was so impressed that I completely forgot about the price!


Obviously, this is not something for a person who is having trouble putting food on their table. This is a good thing. Since you formulate it all by hand, you could not possibly supply every woman in the world. One of the perks of affluence is having the means to get the very best.

Based on my experience, “Heart of Eternity” IS the very best. When VALUE far surpasses COST, I just forget about the price! Amnesia …

Anni Chenoweth

Hi Wendy,

As destiny would have it, the “Heart of Eternity” face cream you sent to Anni was carried to our door by the postwoman at the very moment that our doctor/health scientist friend was here doing Radionics testing on some products that we were evaluating before deciding to market them. Just for fun, I handed him the bottle to get an energy reading before he put the machine back in it’s case.

Since you may not knowledgeable about radionics, it reads on a scale from zero to 100. We consider a nutritional supplement product to be extraordinary if it reads above 75. Most that you would buy at the local market would range from 35 to 50.

Now, since it is not considered to be an internally consumable product, a hand or face cream would be considered good at 50, excellent at 60, extraordinary at 70.

You may want to be sitting down for the reading on your product.

It registered a remarkable 91. To us, this confirms that you definitely are blending only the finest, highest quality, freshest and best ingredients for skin.

I then added the tiniest little dab to one of my fingers to feel and smell. Having done so, I rubbed it into my hands rather than wiping it off. That was over 48 hours ago, and my hands still feel amazingly soft and smooth.

Given the astonishing energy level of this creme, Anni and I will be doing some experiments on some areas of her body which have healed from “sun-damaged skin” treatments, leaving considerable scar tissue. I will keep a photographic record to send to you as any results become apparent.

In summary, you have created a product which exceeds all expectations. When I first saw your shopping cart, I questioned the prices. Now, again, I question them–but I have changed from thinking them possibly too high to thinking them very likely too low.

I don’t know that this information will be of any value in marketing the products, but you are welcome to use it as you see fit.

Bruce Wesley Chenoweth
ABCompany, Idaho, U.S.A.

Gen Shawe Head Of Communications, dressmaker, avid reader

Gen Shawe Head Of Communications, dressmaker, avid reader

It was more expensive than my usual face cream, but I wanted a healthy option (no ‘bad’ stuff ) that would lessen the slight ruddiness.

Within a week I got results – my skin feels better hydrated. It’s more supple and retaining moisture. My complexion is more even. I recommend this cream as it helps with hydration which in turn reduces redness.

Definitely worth the money.