Introducing the Makeup Artist Collection from Wendy Gardner of Glow Skincare!

Welcome to my all-natural and skin-nourishing system of cleansers, moisturizers, primers and brighteners to make your clients look like a billion dollars.

Like every artist, when you have a top-quality canvas, your work is easier and more fun! And as a makeup artist, you have the world’s most precious and delicate canvas of all: the living skin of your client’s face. My products are designed to soothe, heal, enhance and nourish the skin on that face to keep it beautiful so you can use less of your magic toolkit to achieve camera-ready effects that last. 

Everything in the Makeup Artist Collection is free from chemicals, fillers, and irritants so there are no allergens and no residue left on the skin to clog pores and cause breakouts, rashes or other unsightliness (saving you time and effort when working on your client).

In fact, all my ingredients help to feed skin to make it smoother, even-toned, and more radiant.

Why did I develop this collection for you? 

As a professional makeup artist, you know that makeup can be your best friend – making your client look fabulous, or your worst enemy – clogging and destroying skin. After working with only top-quality organic ingredients for so many years, I was shocked to discover how much toxic makeup is out there! I talked to professional makeup artists and learned that this is a huge problem. When you have a client with ruined skin from bad makeup and lifestyle habits, it costs you more in time, effort and product to create a camera-ready look. It also means using up more of your professional kit. Clients with bad skin are expensive.

My conversations with makeup artists made me realize I had a duty to create something that would give skin protection… to nourish and protect while makeup was being worn. So while you’re working on a client’s face, you’re also improving their skin quality – a total win-win.

Besides skin problems, poor-quality face products can cause health problems for both the client and the makeup artist (since toxins affect anyone who touches them). We have enough to deal with in our lives without having to worry about that! There are too many nasties in products that cause skin irritation, inflammation, blocked pores, endocrine cancer… take your pick. Not least, many things make the skin sting or hurt. Even companies who pretend to be ‘natural ‘ sneak in bad stuff like Bismuth oxychloride .. a lustrous white solid used in ancient Egypt. also known as pearl white…far from natural or straight from the earth. When found in mineral makeup, it can cause extreme irritation and actually make skin conditions worse for most women.

I developed the Makeup Artist Collection for you if you’re a makeup artist who is serious about skin health and elite-quality products. I believe in all-natural that really IS natural. If you share that belief then this collection is for you, your health, and your gorgeous clients.

Here are some of the results you can expect from the Collection: 

  • Improve skin quality to achieve a look that is fresh, subtle and youthful. 
  • Correct imperfections. 
  • Control surface oils. 
  • Prep skin with super-healthy ingredients so less makeup is required. 
  • Brighten and illuminate. 
  • Achieve a satin finish for a glowing, bare-skin look. 
  • Base serums that “hold on” to foundation, making it last.

And the Collection includes a really great makeup remover!

Benefits of the Makeup Artist Collection: 

  • Use Less Make Up
  • Save Money
  • Keep Skin Refreshed And Healthy
  • For a Face That Is Camera Ready

Professional makeup artists

If you’re a professional makeup artist with a question or request for a Bespoke (custom-designed) products then contacts Wendy.

anti redness primer

Not a makeup artist? You can use these products, too! They are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance her skin while enjoying superior results with makeup that lasts all day.

Who is Wendy Gardner?

Wendy is a skincare alchemist with 20 years experience creating artisanal products in small batches from organic, wildcrafted, and super-nutrient elements for her select clientele.

Her superpower is having a vast and complex knowledge of beneficial natural and artisanal ingredients developed over years of experimentation and research, coupled with enormous intuition, inventiveness, inspiration, and a deep love of Nature in her many garbs. Wendy develops her products whilst keeping in mind Nature’s inter-relationship with humans. She sources the most precious and sustainable ingredients from around the world to enhance and enliven skin.

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