Menopause and dry skin -your 2024 Guide

dry skin peri menopause guide

You might have noticed that as you reached 35, your skin changed. For some women the change seems to happen overnight. No matter how much water you drink, how well you eat, sleep and exercise, your body is going to enter a new phase because of fluctuating hormones

Just like your skin changed when you hit puberty and then again if you were pregnant, now the menopause is the next stage in a woman’s life cycle.

If you had oily skin as a teen, then for a while your skin balanced out to comfortable. And then slowly you noticed dryness setting in, possibly first on your cheeks and lips. Then this spread to your forehead and neck.

Your face

During your thirties you may experience some (or all) of these changes:

  • dryness
  • itching
  • wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • redness
  • sensitivity to products
  • your current skincare isn’t working as well as it used to
  • skin looks tired and dull

These are completely normal and part of how our skin evolves before menopause. Because I am a natural formulator, I was able to design skin care products specifically targeted to these issues. In this way I was able to prepare my skin in advance. Because most products on the market are not designed to future proof your skin. They are mass created in factories by staff who do not care about your skin issues. They are just doing their job in a corporation whose aim is to make profit, no matter what.

I, on the other hand, was determined to save my skin. To nourish and protect it. And now I share these delicious formulations with a select group of women who understand that exceptional ingredients cost more. I refuse to water down, bulk up, or puff out recipes to chase profit. My Earth Mission is to work with the Plant Realm, to bring their healing to you in a form that delights your senses and brings you moments of joy. Many Starseeds find their skin is extra sensitive and in need of plant nourishment. Plant hydrosols (often called Hydro Souls) are exceptional to nurture, prepare and protect skin from thirst.

Dry skin in menopause

This is due to changes in hormones. As estrogen drops, skin becomes thinner and more vulnerable to sagging and drying out. This is why you need to switch to a gentle system – no more harsh ingredients that wreck your skin. No more foaming cleansers – now you need a cream-based cleanser (think Jardin de Fleurs). Ditch the harsh alcohol-based toners that strip protective moisture from your skin and make it susceptible to bacterial infection. Refuse filler ingredients that mainstream manufacturers fob onto you with glitzy commercials. Instead feed your skin the nutrition it craves – antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids, to protect your skin and help plump and repair.

I create and handcraft elegant, artisanal skincare solutions from 100% organic and
health-stimulating ingredients to keep your skin at its peak of beauty. You may
have seen the articles about my work in British Vogue.

Here is my recommended simple, 60-second routine for gorgeous bare skin:

My routine is quick enough for the most rushed days. I don’t have time or interest to layer on 12 separate products before getting to work.

I have designed a complete system to help your skin replenish and repair. It’s called the Glow Essential System and consists of cleanser, tonic, face cream and serum.

Will it work for you? There’s an easy way to find out. Order the Essential Collection today.

wendy gardner
Wendy Gardner is a master skin care specialist and aromatherapist with over 16 years’ experience sharing beauty secrets from around the world with clients who choose to look and feel young, regardless of age.
wendy gardner

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