16 ways to recycle Miron glass in 2024

With the pandemic lots of us are learning how to do old-fashioned crafts, and we’re also repurposing clothes, furniture and objects. Miron glassware is an excellent packaging that is made in Europe and has many health properties vs conventional glass. So it make sense to repurpose or recyle it.

Updated February 2021 with 6 new ideas, enjoy!

Benefits of Miron dark Violet glass

You might not know that Miron glass has many benefits. It is considered the ultimate in glass packaging by holistic practitioners and nutritionally aware shoppers. It’s also beautiful.

Apart form its gorgeous beauty, this is what the manufacturers say it does:

It preserves products for longer – all those organic nutrients remain more vital.

It protects the lifeforce and Reiki energies

It is completely recyclable (although I’d suggest you rinse out and re-use your beautiful bottles and jars! See tips below)

Please still store your products cool and dark.

Precious Empress Elixir in MIron glass

How to clean your Miron glass jars or bottles

So before you can re-use your glass bottles or jars, you need to clean them properly. You don’t need a dishwasher for this.

Hot water, soap, brushes and elbow grease are good too!

Remove the lid or sprayer.

Wipe the inside of the jars with some tissue paper, as you don’t want to block your drains.

Wash them out with repeated washes of hot soapy water and rinse well.

For bottles, give them a good shake.

Let them dry in the sun or a warm airing cupboard. Bingo, you’re good to go.

So please recycle your bottles and jars!


This is Drench collagen enhancing spray on facial tonic in gorgeous re-usable Miron glass. The uber luxe recipe is protected with a natural preservation system and Miron.

16 Ideas to re-use Miron glass

  • 1. Store those herbal tinctures you bought that are in plain brown glass. Decant them with a small funnel. Remember to label them with tincture name and date.
  • 2. If you make your own St Johns Wort/Mullein or Calendula oils, you can store them in Miron glass jars.
  • 3. If you use the oil cleansing method you can reuse your cleansed Miron bottle to hold your mixture.
  • 4. Miron glass bottles are perfect to store Bach Flower Essences or Australian flower remedies in here.
  • 5. Fill it with pure unpreserved rosewater that you can put a few drops to a dropper full onto your tongue. Gorgeous at night if you have hot flashes/night sweats.
  • 6. Do you make elderberry syrup? It’s a traditional natural remedy to strengthen the immune system and help you sweat out toxins, cold and flu.  Well a perfect bottle for that! Email me for an easy recipe.  The berries start ripening in Late Summer and are ready for picking in October. You can also buy dried berries from herbal wholesalers.
  • 7. Mini portions of Kombucha? Or aloe juice? (See my post on continuous kombucha)
  • 8. Give them to somebody who makes herbal medicine. If you don’t know anybody, donate them to a charity/thrift store.
  • 9. Use as flower vases.. perfect for single stems.
  • 10. Use to store premixed inks for silk or watercolour painting.
  • 11. Use to carry your own hand sanitizer.
  • 12. Fill with purified water to spritz your face on flights.
  • 13. Use to mist houseplants that need to be kept moist.
  • 14. Create your own Room Spray with essential oils.
  • 15. Make your own Loo spray with essential oils and water. Much healthier than synthetic and toxic supermarket version.
  • 16. Decant your pillow spray into Miron.
miron glass used for single stems of flowers

There must be loads more ways, be creative.  I have had a twelve year love obsession with biophotonic dark violet made by MIRON. I’ve kept and reused a cream jar for almost ten years, only having to replace the dark glass lid (which traps cream under the liner, yetch). I use this little pot for storing experiments, it’s been in and out the dishwasher dozens of times and looks as good as new.

How does Miron glass work? What does Miron glass do?

Do you remember shining a light through a prism in science lessons? Visible light gets split into a rainbow of colours as it passes through. Well the Violet glass blocks out red, orange, yellow, green, blue visible light which causes degradation. During the middle ages, the alchemists, the early chemists, were aware of the power of violet glass to protect and preserve substances – the odour, colour, texture and potency. Even the Ancient Egyptians used to use violet or gold containers to store precious healing substances.

In 1995 a Swiss company began to manufacture violet glass again, through an expensive patent protected process. Independent scientific tests have shown the power of MIRON to preserve chives, tomatoes, spirulina algae, rose water, homeopathic and Bach flower remedies.

My dream face cream bottle would be airless violet glass – which they don’t make (I’ve asked the CEO several times). I didn’t want fingers poking into my face creams where the aloe vera juice, rose water, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are yummy  like cake and chocolate to harmful bacteria, fungi and mould. So this is why Heart of Eternity, Proposal in Paris and Ultra Radiance are not in Miron. No fingers poking about in precious actives, thank you.

Miron glass pump dispenser

precious ingredients protected with beautiful Miron glass, Empress Elixir

Formulators : Can you avoid using preservatives with Miron Glass?

It depends on what product you are making.

If you’re a formulator, you’ll still need a preservative system for ALL water based products if you’re planning on selling them to the public or gifting them to friends or family.

With emulsions you’ll be using water of some kind, even a hydrosol,  then yes you would need a preservative or preservative system. (How do I know? Because I tested it on a face cream in a screw top jar. It went fuzzy!)

For an oil-based cosmetic, there would be no water component, so you’ll be using anti-oxidants anyway. If you’re using a screw top jar where customers will be poking their fingers inside, you’ll need a preservative or preservative system.

Rose water naturally has a good shelf life when kept cool and dark – I know because I distil my own.

Many hydrosols come ready-preserved which makes it easy for you.

Miron glass uk

Where to buy Miron violet glass?

You can buy it direct from the founders, if you’re prepared to order a lot. Approx £300 excluding shipping, customs and import duties.

Otherwise for smaller quantities, then search on ebay.

Regardless, please re-use your Miron in whatever way you can!

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