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I had never heard of moldavite until recently. And then I began a search to find the genuine article in the UK. Moldavite sounds like a cocktail or vitamin supplement, but it is not, it’s a crystal,

My piece of moldavite!

What is moldavite?

According to the leaflet that came with my moldavite:

Moldavite is a powerful crystal for transformation and ascension. It works primarily on the heart chakra and is also said to put you in touch with energies from other dimensions and worlds.

Moldavite formed when a Meteor fell to earth n the Moldau River Valley of the Czech Republic around 15 million years ago. It has been used by both Ancient and Modern Cultures as an Ascension and Transformation Tool.

It is said to help restore our DNA Blueprint which contains all that we are and can become. It is a Tektite or Impact Glass which formed when the Meteor Struck the Earth at a high velocity and temperature.

Moldavite in our opinion is a gentle old soul that removes our resistance to moving into our Higher Purpose in Life. It is recommended for Intuitive and Sensitive people – Often called Star Seeds – Who have difficulty incarnating on the earth plane. Some believe because of its Extra-terrestrial origin it brings you into contact with energies from other worlds and other dimensions. It is also said to bring the energies of compassion, security and empathy.

This is what Ann and Dave say about Moldavite:

And as an aspie, I often feel that being on earth is a challenge! Perhaps it is because we have off-worlder links that makes it so difficult?

Moldavite pendant

Anyway I decided to buy a piece of moldavite from Dave and Ann, as well as a pretty pendant with a herkimer diamond which is said to increase the energy of the moldavite.

The chemical composition of moldaviote is: SiO2 (TiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, FeO, MnO, MgO, CaO, Na2O, K2O ,……)

I have slept with my moldavite pendant and found it was beneficial. I had been sleeping with a piece of amethyst and Ann suggested that amethyst might be a little too energizing at night! So I have stopped that. The moladavite though is lovely. I even wear it to yoga class.

The verdict? I am feeling better, more grounded and definitely more peaceful wearing it. And right now in 2022, all gentle methods to stay grounded and calm are wonderful, and I think most people could benefit from this? Not just those of us on the autistic spectrum, but also sensitives and empaths. And you know during menopause, we get more sensitive, so I think a pretty moldavite pendant or necklace could be a lovely gift to give yourself or a loved one!

Buy moldavite uk

If you live in the UK I can highly recommend checking out Dave and Ann at

You will receive a certificate of authenticity from Ann and Dave, who are Reiki Masters with extensive experience in energy healing. They appeared on the Aspie in Menopause podcast and had amazing information, tips to help Aspies, parents and families of Aspies, to help those recovering from addiction and trauma, tips to ground and calm yourself and much more.

It is said to ‘encourage rejuvenation and recovery of cells from damage’ so I am infusing all my skincare products with it.

moldavite crystal skin care products

For moldavite infused skincare – check out Drench facial tonic

Here is the full interview with Dave and Ann.

high vibration crystals

Association: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Color: Deep green, green, light green
Astrological signs: All
Element: Storm
Energies: Inner vision, power, love
Dream Significance: You will soon be affected by a transforming experience.
Symbolizes: Stone of transformation
Birthstone: Not a traditional birthstone for any month

Moldavite benefits

Moldavite is a high vibrational celestial ‘stone of transformation’ for the crown, third eye, and heart chakra.  Moldavite integrates heart and mind so brings balance to relationships. A stone of spiritual evolution that helps you get in touch with your life purpose.

Moldavite helps with lucid dreaming, meditation and connecting with your spirit guides. A spiritual protector that can neutralize the hold of hypnotic commands.

You can use your crystals along with EFT/Tapping – there is a handy guide here

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