My Natural First Aid Kit 2020

The Scout’s motto ‘Be prepared ‘ is true for life’s little emergencies, especially with a natural first aid kit.

Stock up today on a few items from your natural health store so that you have on hand the basic essentials when an emergency arises.

Early treatment speed recovery time and can often nip things in the bud. For serious injuries, please seek medical advice too!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

My natural first aid kit has a new addition to it! (January 2019) when I discovered the healing power of aloe vera powder  for a burnt tongue!

And in Summer  2020 for tooth and gum issues during Lockdown.


The All Natural First Aid Kit

Plasters, cotton balls, cotton gauze and tape

Bicarbonate of soda – for stings, sunburn. Add some water and make a paste.

Apple cider vinegar – for stings, sunburn and digestion. Dab a cotton pad soaked in ACV onto stings. Add a teaspoon into a small glass of water for digestion. If you have Kombucha, this works well too.  Learn how to make it at home.

Helichrysum italicum hydrolat – use this as a mouth rinse or gargle daily for sore, bleeding or receeding gums.  Gargle for a minute or more, then spit it out don’t swallow.

Aloe Vera Gel – cools and soothes cuts, scrapes, minor burns

Calendula Cream – to soothe and heal grazes and cuts

Arnica Cream – for sprains, bruises where the skin is unbroken.

Comfrey Cream – for bruises, twisted ankles, sprains, swelling, cuts and scrapes after the bleeding has stopped.

Mullein oil – for earaches and minor ear infections. Warm it slightly then soak a cotton ball in the warmed oil and place in the ear. Very comforting.

Rescue Remedy spray – this calms and eases stress and fear.

Arnica tablets – for sprains, bruises, trauma to the head or joints.

Almond or Jojoba – for massaging the feet of children. I prefer Jojoba. In a pinch try virgin Olive oil but I find it gloopy, stinky and thick.

Lavender Essential Oil – for cuts, stings, grazes, bruises. Essential in your luggage when you travel. Dab onto mozzie bites. Use for heat induced headaches, jetlag or insomnia. Order Harmony facial polish to use on your travels to warmer climates. The lavender hydrosol calms skin. Team it with Proposal in Paris night cream to help you adjust to time zoens when you travel.

Eucalyptus essential oil – for adding to vaporisers and humidifiers when you have a stuffy nose, cold or flu. The lemon scented variety scares away mosquitos.

Peppermint teabags- for upset stomach, cramps, poor digestion and insomnia

Chamomile teabags – for insomnia, teething, stomach cramps, stress. Squeeze out a cooled teabag and place over closed eyes for inflammation or eye infections. Also useful for hot flashes during menopause.

Echinacea tincture – for prevention and in early stages of colds, flu, sore throat, fever, earache and inflammation. It contaisn alcholo, so add the drops to a mug of boiled water to allow the alchol to evaporate. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, this won’t remove all the alchohol, sorry, you should find an alternative herbal extract (eg glycerine extracted rather than ethanol) and increase your vitamin C.

A homeopathic first aid kit – will contain arnica, calendula etc. Take it with you when you travel.

Vitamin C powder – for colds, flu, bruises.

Protective lip balm – doubles up to protect skin under nose when you have a cold!

A soothing bath oil scented with natural essential oils to make long hot soaks in the bath even more relaxing – eg when you have the flu or a chill.

Vitamin B complex and rhodelia when you’re stressed.  Viridian in the UK use superfoods like spirulina as ‘filler’ instead of the usual magnesium stearate etc.

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