Nikol Elaine – Makeup Artist

Makeup and Menopause- Nikol Elaine –

In this latest episode Wendy interviews Hollywood makeup artist Nikol Elaine.

Nikol is a licensed cosmetologist and  makeup artist to the stars! Born and raised in CA, her  time is shared between her clients in LA and SF. Nikol brings out the personality of women using natural looking makeup artistry. You’ll see her models looking like they’ve had a good night’s rest or just back from a holiday. Nikol  is more than a makeup artist though – she’s also a photographer and artist.  She sketches, and paints. Nikol worked in hair salons through high school, and spent almost a decade working for MAC Cosmetics before branching out on her own. And now she shares her valuable tips to help women look and feel beautiful in menopause.

Listen now to discover:

  • What are the two key makeup items for menopause?
  • The magical impact of a good lipstick
  • The importance of adjusting your cleanser
  • Where to spend your money so it’s an investment
  • A trick to give yourself thicker looking hair!
  • Are you plucking your silver hairs? Stop!
  • What NOT to do on YouTube!


To find out more about Nikol visit:

Mattifying moisturiser

Nikol recommends Proposal in Paris!

Cream cleanser

This is the bees knees for makeup removal on the most sensitive of sensitive skins – Jardin de Fleurs creamy cleanser- zero water, only pure flower hydrosol.

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