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Updated 14th May 2022

Happy Springtime!

What I’m doing now

Picking rose flowers for hydrosol

I interviewed a Hollywood makeup artist and Crystal experts

Aspie in Menopause podcast now on Google! Signup here for Podcast notifications  

My newest inventions are ready to ship :

Magic # 1 Serum

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Reimagined Empress Elixir

Learning : Crystals, tuning forks, Lynda Barry style daily drawings

Watching : Elena Danaan, Honor Lottering

Listening to: audio from my mentors

Studying – began my Bard training through OBOD

Started a new blog about perfume

Where I live

I live in Kingsbridge, Devon, with my family and other animals. (Husband, son, 3 gerbils, a bazillion wild birds and some hedgehogs)

Our pets

2 male gerbils who sleep more than they should. Feral pigeons are picking up sticks and swaggering around – oh yes the joys of Spring. We’re feeding wild hedgehogs.

This NOW page is not my idea – it is from Derek Sivers – thank you Derek!

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