Sun block experiments- no Titanium Dioxide!
This natural perfume smells like Calvin Klein Obsession- And is ready to order!
My first natural perfume creations!
Daily comic diary
Glow Skincare Studio
Fresh air and lots of sheep behind the house.

Updated 11 Jan 2022

What I’m doing now

Researching – sun block for Summer that is really natural, and kind to the skin. Turns out that Titanium Dioxide is NOT good for skin. (You heard it here first.)

My newest inventions are ready to ship Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Bruise Be Gone Serum

I interviewed a Hollywood makeup artist for Aspie in Menopause Podcast and an Ashtanga yoga teacher

I switched to watercolor pencils for my daily drawings

Started a new blog about perfume and my first perfumes are ready to order

Aspie in Menopause podcast now on Google!

Reading: Tapestries of Life by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

Listening : Your Music and People

Learning: Origami. To ride, giddeyup!!

Where I live

I live in Kingsbridge, Devon, with my family and other animals. (Husband, son, 3 gerbils and a bazillion wild birds)

Our pets

3 male gerbils. The oldest (Nutmeg) now lives exclusively on soft food- avocado, hemp or cashew butter, grapes and cheese. The German Blackcaps are getting territorial around the 4 feeding stations and the seagulls have started pairing up with weird sing song sessions.

This NOW page is not my idea – it is from Derek – thank you Derek!

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