Pearl powder-2024 Guide

Jackie O said, ‘Pearls are always appropriate’. Lady Sarah Churchill said she felt undressed without them. Grace Kelly called them the ‘queen of gems and the gem of queens’. Cleopatra loved them, your granny probably wore a necklace of them to her wedding and now they’re available in modern cosmetics.

This isn’t just some modern fad though. Pearls have been used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for everything from calming stress to eye disease to love potions. Even China’s only Empress Wu Zetian in the 7th century used them as a tonic!

Why are pearls so valuable in skincare?

Pearl powder is packed with amino acids that can be used to build healthy collagen, elastin and keratin. They contain 30 to 80 percent calcium, along with magnesium so useful for older women with osteoporosis.

Pearls contain skin-beneficial copper, selinium and silica – minerals needed for skin regeneration. Pearl  powder is thought to enhance two major antioxidants in the body, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione.

What to expect from pearl in your products:

  • Reduces redness and blemishes,
  • Improves elasticity and smoothness of older skin.
  • Increases skin’s collagen production and wound healing
  • Helps repair skin’s damaged cells
  • Lightens skin’s tone and improves blemishes
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Controls oil and shine
  • Reduces pores and promotes smoother skin

Turns out that the magical component that gives pearls their rainbow hues, conchiolin, also improves skin hydration, micro circulation and repairs damaged cells. Conchiolin hydrates the skin, rebuilds collagen and increases skin’s barrier action for retaining moisture. It also tones skin and inhibits melanin production. Rainbow power :-) No wonder they’re used in Glow’s Bespoke products.

Like bee pollen, it is not vegan. It is however classified as a marine adaptogen that balances your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

So apart from being a luxurious symbol worn  by beautiful women, pearls are an adaptogen and lustrous superfood.

Update – October 2021 – I have done some experiments with pearly powder on my skin – I found the smell of Pearls to be really unpleasant. So wont be continuing my experiments with this.

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