Peter Webb

Podcast Q&A with Laurentia’s President

Peter’s mission is to help all living Beings on our planet. Peter answers questions about his incredible crystals. A beautiful call.


Peter was born in England on a 250 acre mixed farm and has been living in Canada since 1963. He studied animal nutrition and discovered how radionics could be used for animals, humans and plants. He creates beautiful crystals that protect us against the harmful man-made frequencies from dirty electricity, radar, 4G and 5G, GPS, cell phone, wi-fi, computers, transponders, blue light from light bulbs. These all have a negative effect on Life.


To see more videos and contact Peter visit


wendy gardner

About Me

Wendy Gardner

Skincare specialist helping business women look and feel their best through menopause. 🌺Potent skincare handcrafted with premium organics.🧴✨Trusted Advisor for Introverts, Empaths & HSPs🌌

Diploma in Aromatherapy (ITHMA London, 2003)

Usui Reiki Master.

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