Pineal gland activation

Your pineal gland looks like a little pinecone and is really important for many reasons, not just physical health but also staying connected to Source/God. When you pray or meditate your pineal gland connects you to Above, whatever your concept of Above is. 


The pineal gland is soooo important that the Vatican have the world’s largest pinecone statue! 

vatican top things to see pinecone courtyard

If you are an artist or writer, the pineal gland is how you receive inspiration to create beautiful things. That’s how the great musicians heard the ‘music of the spheres’, the actual sounds of the planets.

But when your pineal is calcified, you shrink, feel aimless, live in fear and hopelessness, even depression. This has a knock on effect for your life.  There are lots of ways to calcify your pineal so your connection is blocked – aluminum and its byproducts. Fluoride in your water and toothpaste. And more.  Fortunately there are ways you can decalcify it for free! 

Decalcify pineal gland

When your little pinecone calcifies, you loose your connection to God/Creator/Source. So here’s a little list of what was mentioned – run though this and see what you are doing and where you can improve:

– removing all mercury fillings
-switching to eco washing powders (no laundry sheets!)
-using non toxic paint on your walls
-throwing out all aluminum cooking pots and trays – switch to stainless steel, Pyrex, enamel.
-no aluminum salts under your arms – 
– ditch fluoride toothpaste
-removing chlorine from your water
-drinking fluoride free water
-using detox herbs and supplements (
-ditching SLS based shampoos
-ditch anti bacterial counter sprays etc . (not all bacteria are ‘bad’ – many are essential for staying healthy, most are neutral. Essential Oils only kill the ‘baddies’ they do not affect the neutral or Good bacteria. Plants are clever!)

But!!  There are easy and free ways to decalcify your pineal – prayer, meditation, spirulina, turmeric (hello you again!!) and special sound frequencies. I bought myself a gadget to help decalcify mine.

I fished in the back of the cupboard and found an unopened packet of spirulina tablets!! You probably bought some too and forgot about them…

Other natural items that help are

  • chorella
  • Spirulina
  • wild blueberries
  • cilantro (coriander herb)
  • dark chocolate (organic)
  • bentonite clay
  • zeolite crystals
  • 528 Hertz tuning fork
  • dandelion and milk thistle herbs to detox liver.
  • lemon and hot water in the morning (also improves pH – anti cancer!)
  • boron
  • Palo Santo , frankincense, and sage essential oils.
  • Amethyst and Kyanite crystals
  • purifying your drinking water
  • purifying your bathing/shower water
  • baking soda or xylitol toothpaste
  • washing all your new clothes before wearing them
  • outgassing all new purchases (in a shed, garage)
  • not cooking with aluminum foil or pots.
  • sweating – infra red sauna, during exercise!!
  • walking meditation
  • organic fruits and veggies.
  • hormone free meats, poultry, dairy, eggs
  • selenite water

And yes, the pineal is also called the Third Eye. In the past, humans were able to do many functions with their third eye- they could discern when somebody was lying. They could read intentions. It was a useful tool. You could not be bamboozled by those in power who lie. You had access to answers through your own direct channel.

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