Natural Perfume and Menopause- Julie Nelson –

“Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense and has a direct link to the limbic brain, once known as the smell brain or survival brain. When we inhale a scent that we resonate with we are immediately emotionally uplifted. We experience a shift in mindset, moods and emotions. This, in turn, strengthens the nervous system and immune system.”

Julie Nelson

In this latest episode Wendy interviews artisanal perfumer Julie Nelson.

Julie has been teaching aromatherapy for over 30 years.   Based in New South Wales, she creates exquisite botanical perfumes with essential oils, natural extracts and love.  No synthetics, no drying alcohol.  Her collections and Bespoke perfumes are more than just pretty smells though! Each has been artfully blended  for a purpose… and what’s more, Julie also incorporates astrology and your birth chart into your perfume design to help you align with your soul’s purpose.

In Part 1, Julie explains how menopause is actually a time of power, and what we can do to replenish and restore our confidence.

She says we can ’emerge as a true women in full bloom like nothing before’  and that ‘it just keeps getting better.’

(Wow – that’s what I want for my menopause!).

In Part 2 Julie talks about Essentials oils and Alchemy.

  • What is an  anointing  perfume ?
  • Unusual extracts that Julie is currently working with.  Spoiler alert- you’ll want to order a perfume!
  • Australian extracts the world should know about
  • How to ‘wear’ your perfume

“’A woman’s journey of self discovery, connection and embodying her true self to fulfil her dreams and desires is to connect more deeply with herself’.

 Be more empowered, confident, sexy, sensual, magnetic and beautiful like never before when using your perfume with intention and ritual”

– Julie Nelson

Learn hwo to use oracle cards with Julie

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To find out more about Julie’s perfumes and courses, visit: https://www.julienelson.com.au/

wendy gardner

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Wendy Gardner is the aromatherapist and skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. She's the author of Dare to Go Bare and host for the Aspie in Menopause podcast. When she's not making creams, or looking after the wild birds, she likes to draw and read.

Diploma in Aromatherapy (ITHMA London, 2003)

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