Prickly pear oil- Could this be your skin’s new best friend?

A rose and a cactus fell in love.
They understood each other’s thorns. – Lucas

Cactus flowers, since they bloom in harsh conditions,  are symbols of the power of enduring all things, no matter how hard they are. They remind us to stay strong , and that we can endure. But who would think that the tiny seeds from the prickly cactus pear could even be used to increase your skin’s glow?

Why is prickly pear oil so valuable in skincare?

Yes those tiny seeds are packed with skin-softening fatty acids, protective antioxidants, nourishing vitamins and collagn-boosting amino acids. Your skin laps up this cocktail of extreme goodness.  Especially if you’re of a certain age and looking to restore softness to your face and neck ;-)  Or if you’re taking steps to slow the decline of your skin’s natural glow, then prickly pear seed oil is a ‘must-have’ in your morning and evening routine.

You can use it in a serum or a night cream. It pairs well with retinol and vitamin C serums and can be used twice daily

How does prickly pear work?

But how does prickly pear do it’s magic? Because it’s anti-inflammatory, barrier-boosting and hydration boosting. This means that even sensitive skin gets replenished and nurtured.

The high content of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids get to work to rebuild your skin’s defence mechanisms, so that moisture isn’t lost to evaporation.  This is why you’ll see it called a ‘hydrator’.

Prickly pear contains high levels of palmitic acid that helps heal dryness, rashes, redness and irritation as well as insect bites. As we age, our levels decline, so it makes sense to top up levels by using ingredients that contain palmitic acid.

Another big benefit of prickly pear cactus is that it’s packed with antioxidant vitamin E that protects against free radical damage. It contains vitamin K that brightens under-eye circles and promotes skin elasticity. There’s also polyphenols and phytosterols, which as you know, are critical to keeping mature skin happy.

And the amino acids stimulate collagen production to promote faster cell turnover. Yes, it softens and imparts a real Glow. That’s why it’s inside Ultra Radiance Night Cream ( A bespoke)

Benefits of prickly pear oil:

  • Restored elasticity
  • Brightened and more even-toned complexion
  • Softer, nourished, and moisturized skin
  • Tightened pores
  • A reduction in the appearance of dark under-eye circles
  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines
  • Prevention of premature wrinkle formation

If you wonder why it’s so darned expensive – well the oil comes from those tiny cactus seeds. So it takes  a lot of cactus fruits to harvest the seeds.

No wonder they’re used in Glow’s Bespoke products.

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