Exotic Babchi Overnight Serum


Exotic Babchi Overnight Serum

Cleopatra would have loved this in her beauty routine!

Add a little Babchi serum – my newest invention – to your life and feel like a Queen. A feather-light overnight emollient to regenerate your skin.

What’s in it and what will it do for you?

We’ve all heard of retinol and its ability to firm and tighten skin texture, boost collagen and elastin (the elasticity of your skin), and reduce marks and scars.

But synthetic retinol is harsh and can leave your skin peeling, flaking, and red, hypersensitive to sunlight, so you’re stuck at home until your face goes back to looking normal. Who wants to live like that? We’ve had enough lockdowns to deal with!

Babchi contains bakuchiol (I know – I couldn’t pronounce it either) – a wonderful, all-natural alternative that works like synthetic retinol. But without the damage!

My new serum lets your skin breathe. Enjoy extra hydration and protection against environmental aggressors. Plump up your cells and keep your pH happy while this smooth, delicate serum vanishes quickly into your skin. Feel all the benefits of classic healing plants and oils without the mess and oiliness of old-fashioned goopy “paste on your face” (and your clothes), wait-for-it-to-work methods.

Now you can have traditional herbal extracts and antioxidants feed your skin while you sleep. No fuss, no muss!


Babchi serum features Nigella Seed Oil – a powerful healer. I experienced the extraordinary qualities of Nigella during a recent trip to the eye doctor.

Forced to use commercial hand sanitizer, I found myself with skin and nerve injury in two fingers, causing pain and discomfort so bad, it woke me at night. :(  Nigella Seed Oil quickly reversed the damage. It really does help healthy new skin cells form! Nigella or Black Seed Oil is stuffed with so many protective nutrients and skin-renewers, no wonder Cleopatra and King Tut valued it like gold.

So, thinking about my lovely customers, I wondered, If this is so good at regenerating healthy new skin on my fingers, what could it do for your face – especially combined with the magic of Babchi?


I worked my alchemy in the studio and sent a sample to a client who’d requested a Babchi product. She loved it. (Phew!)

Babchi Overnight Serum is the result of that exploration. Scented with uplifting blends of rare and vintage flower essences to bring joy and pleasure, the texture is so light, it refreshes even in the hottest of humid weather.

Fabulous for the mature woman who is curious about natural retinol and wants to enjoy a radiant complexion from totally natural sources.


How to Use It:

Apply in the evening to freshly washed skin.


Full List of Gorgeous Ingredients:

Aqua (Lavender hydrolat)

Babchi oil Psoralea corylifolia

Nigella sativa seed extract

Seaweed Complex (A bespoke extract of Cornish Seaweeds made by Wendy in her Studio)


Glycerine, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate

Wendy’s Signature Essential Oil blend including linalool, limonene

Reiki infused to activate your body’s inner healing energies and soothe your senses


Customer feedback from the first edition 

S- My box of gorgeousness arrived. The serum smells divine – I pumped a little on the back of my hand- and as always Wendy you treated me to your lovely extra pieces of magic.
Sophia- I love all Wendy’s serums as they melt effortlessly into the skin without leaving a trace of stickiness. You just “Glow”! Scented with just enough gorgeous oil to give your olfactory senses a lift, this is a serum I don’t think I can live without!! Thanks Wendy. Ever the magician with your alchemy.



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Exotic Babchi Overnight Serum