GlowRevival Soap


Frankincense and Aloe Soap

This soap is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Silky to the touch, like ribbon or velvet.  Close your eyes and imagine living by candlelight. Old oak floors that creak underfoot. Your four poster bed with heavy velvet covers.

Your warm bath invites your muscles to relax … to let go of the week. The most innocent yet sensual thing as you sink beneath the water.

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GlowRevival. Translucent antioxidant soap. Rainforest friendly.

Exquisite silky lather to cleanse your hands and body.

Hydrating aloe vera.

Natural colour from antioxidant spices.

Natural scent from plant resin – no artificial fragrances or synthetic parfum.

Unique skin-friendly process inspired by Andrew Pears of Cornwall, for lower pH.  Castor oil gives softness.  Coconut provides bubbles.  Obviously nourishing.  Subtle scent of frankincense resin. Alluring.

Made in England.

Suitable for all skin types.

Tested on friends. (Never animals).

Palm Oil Free


Sodium castorate  (saponified castor seed oil) – gives softness,
Sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil) – provides bubbles,
Aloe Vera – adds hydration and nutrients,
Sucrose (cane sugar),
Vegetable glycerin (palm oil free) – adds moisture,
Frankincense resin – provides antioxidants and natural scent,
Kitchen spices

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