Bruises Be Gone Cream


Cream for bruises

We’ve all had accidents or injuries where bruises make us feel awkward.  Sure they fade in time, but sometimes we want them to go away quicker. And all the usual rub-on remedies need you to get your fingers messy or sit quietly while they soak in.

That’s why I created this sophisticated cream to be easy to apply, whether you’re at home, work or living your adventure!

So order your bottle of Bruise Be Gone today and be prepared for future mishaps.

What’s in it and what will it do for you?

This serum was designed after a conversation with a professional boxer who was looking for help before an upcoming photoshoot.  I realized that the natural remedies I recommended were difficult to find and also a bit messy/time consuming to apply. Why didn’t I simply create an all-in-one product that was easy and a pleasure to use?

This cream is also awesome for sports like riding, surfing or skating where falls and bumps are part of the experience.  And if you have children, you know how often they fall off their bikes or skateboards. And for older people whose balance isn’t what it used to be, this serum will help  your bruise fade faster, without any side effects.

Helichrysum is the most awesome anti-inflammatory extract for reducing bruises – I tested it out on a leech bite in Borneo – it literally reduces the discoloration. It’s a specialty ingredient used by connoisseurs, extremely pricey but oh-so-effective! So this is is why I am using  in this cream, both as hydrosol and essential oil.

Dragon’s blood is an anti-inflammatory used to heal wounds and , ulcers as it promotes blood circulation. Because bruises are congealed/trapped blood below your skin, this unusual extract helps shift the blood so your skin is restored to its natural colour.

Mexican Tepezcohuite is another unusual extract that I have found helps heal skin rapidly.  This makes it ideal in a First Aid treatment.

Because I don’t believe in diluting anything with using tap water, you’ll find this vial lasts you a long time. Keep it handy for other emergencies such as wasp stings, scratches from pruning the brambles,  cat scratches, cuts from dressmaking, burns from cooking, ironing or steam cleaning.

My new creamy serum lets your skin breathe. It’s a joy to use and has a delightful light texture that glides on easily and then vanishes into your skin where it gets to work. Feel all the benefits of classic healing plants and oils without the mess and oiliness of old-fashioned goopy “paste on your face” (and your clothes), wait-for-it-to-work methods.

Now you can have traditional herbal extracts and antioxidants feed your skin while you carry on with life. No fuss, no muss!

How to Use It:

Apply every hour, as required. And as your bruise fades, you’ll find yourself applying it less often. This is OK!


Full List of Gorgeous Ingredients:

Aqua (Distilled helichrysum flowers from my garden)

Dragon’s Blood (A bespoke extract made by Wendy in her Studio)

Mexican Tepezcohuite  (A bespoke extract made by Wendy in her Studio)


Glycerine, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate

Wendy’s Signature Essential Oil blend

Reiki infused to activate your body’s inner healing energies and soothe your senses

Prefer a 100ml size?  With pleasure, order it direct from Wendy.


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Bruises Be Gone Cream