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Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping? Could you use more “sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care”, as Shakespeare put it? He also called sleep the “chief nourisher in life’s feast”. That was 400 years ago, and today’s science has proved him right.

When you have a restless night. your body has no chance to recover fully from daily stresses and strains.  Now, more than ever, sleep is critical to strong immunity and positive mood. Our families, friends, pets and colleagues rely on us. Good health, energy and a cheerful mood from a good night’s sleep make it so much easier to move through the tasks and challenges of each day.

That’s why Wendy came up with the Sleep Well duo of Dream Pillow and Pillow Spray.

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The Sleep Well Dream Pillow is a delightful personal eye protector that rests gently across closed eyelids to soothe and darken your sleep experience. One of the top reasons for poor sleep is excess light in the bedroom, from nightlights, cell phones, LEDs, indicator lights, and ambient light from outside your window. The Dream Pillow eliminates much of that light to calm your nervous system. This allows your body the time and rest it needs to self-heal from within.

You can also place the Dream Pillow on your pillow or tuck it into your bedding, because it is designed to enhance sleep through the fragrance and resonance of natural, integrated botanicals.

The Dream Pillow is hand-sewn by Wendy from 100-percent cotton fabric exclusive to Glow Skincare, with a pattern inspired by Nature.  It contains completely organic wildcrafted mugwort mixed with summer flowers and herbs grown by Wendy in her own garden! Treat yourself to restorative sleep and lucid dreaming while you enjoy the delicate scents of this pleasing combination. Wild mugwort is a time-tested herb known to encourage pleasant dreams so you wake, rested, without that groggy feeling.

The Sleep Well Pillow Spray features Wendy’s carefully-selected blend of aromatherapy essential oils, composed to create an aura of calm and happiness while you sink into the “balm of hurt minds”. (Yes, good old Shakespeare again.) And who couldn’t use more calm and happiness at this uncertain time in the world?

Pillow Spray includes Mandarin – to turn worry to joy; Chamomile – to ease tension; and Vetiver – to release perfectionism and relax an over-active mind.

Blended with skin-loving rosewater and glycerine, simply spray your pillow before bedtime for a tranquil night. Will not stain or mark.

Created to pamper and delight, the Sleep Well duo is made with organic botanicals. No synthetics, no perfumes or toxic anything. Reiki-infused to activate your body’s inner healing energies and soothe your senses.

It’s called “Beauty Sleep” for good reason! Savour yours, starting today.

This is an extremely limited Collectors Edition of Summer 2020 flowers and herbs.

Full List of  Gorgeous Ingredients:

Sleep Well Pillow Spray:  After a hectic day, spray your pillow for a tranquil night. Ingredients: Aqua, Rosewater, Glycerine, Heptyl Glucoside, Essential Oils including Mandarin, Chamomile, Vetiver and Reiki.

Sleep Well Dream Pillow:  Place over eyes or tuck this into your bedding to help your mind unwind, and to bring happy dreams.  Ingredients: Rose, Calendula, Lavender, Mugwort, Moroccan Mint, Lemon balm, Passionflower, Red Clover, Chamomile, Yarrow and Reiki.

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  1. Karen Alison (store manager)

    Herbs in Dream Pillow still going strong. I love rolling over in bed and suddenly catching a whiff. So delicious!

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