NEW – Empress Elixir


All-New Non-Oily Empress Elixir Serum

Welcome to my All-NEW Empress Elixir – reformulated, reimagined, redesigned! A fresh new non-oily Empress especially created to be silky on your skin and sink in rapidly. Preserves hydration (think petal-soft and dewy), reduces lines, irritation and redness, and resets microflora to restore damaged skin. A youthening antioxidant for the delicate skin of your face.

All-new Empress is a breakthrough among my unique products. Why? Because, just as our skin changes with the seasons, I will transition the recipe for Empress to tune its qualities to those seasonal needs, curating different phytonutrients, minerals, and gorgeous hydrosols and emollients to keep your skin plumped and protected.

Each bottle will be like owning an original artwork, with its own individual palette of ingredients, available by pre-order only. As the creatrix, I am going to make them and ship them immediately. These will be the freshest serums you have ever experienced – literally made, bottled and shipped within 24 hours. You would only get them fresher if you camped on my doorstep the day I make them.

Order yours today and experience the difference. Exquisite luxury for your face – because you deserve it!

All-New Empress Elixir: Exclusive to Glow. Extracts made inhouse by a new proprietary green process my competitors would kill for. Pre-order a bottle now. (Or subscribe and save.)

Buy an Empress Subscription

Ooh, that sounds good. What is it?

Well, let me tell you.

It’s a service where I send you a bottle each season (wrapped up in pretty paper), based on the latest anti-aging extracts available from the Glow Studio. You can get a 6 or 12 month subscription. Makes a great gift for your best friend.

How it works:

Each year I make 4 editions, one per season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), and ship it to you fresh.

You can order a single jar for £138 excluding shipping. (International shipping is £20 to Canada, £24 to the USA and £30 elsewhere).

Or you can save by taking out one of the subscriptions:

6 month subscription – 2 seasonal editions. UK £250 (Each bottle is £125),or International is £280 (That’s £140 per bottle including shipping)

12 month subscription – 4 seasonal editions. UK £440 (Each bottle is £110), International £500 (That’s £125 per bottle including shipping)

Contact me here [[email protected]] to add your name to the list for the All-New Empress Elixir Serum

And yes, if you want to add something else to your parcel before your Empress Elixir ships, to avoid doubling up on shipping, just give me a week’s notice.

What’s in Empress for Spring?

Porcelain Flower, Saffron, Sandalwood, Gota Kola and Wendy’s specially-formulated Dewlock!

As we age, our microflora destabilise, leading to drying skin that becomes red, itchy and sensitive.

Scientists have discovered that nectar from Porcelain Flowers contains rare yeasts that are able to reset damaged microbiota.

Every population group has its own microbial signature. But Porcelain Flower has an amazing affinity for mature Caucasian skin.

The Metschnikowia reukaufii,  nectar in it rebalances the microbiome of mature skin, strengthening barrier function to improve complexion.

When you’re over 40, this should be part of your skincare programme.

I’ve added an exclusive Glow Studio extract of Saffron for its protective power against UV radiation, supplied by the powerful anti-aging antioxidants crocin and safranal. These extracts calm skin redness and pain. Saffron speeds wound healing by promoting cell multiplication and reduces hyperpigmentation – so lightens and brightens those dreaded age spots.

Dewlock – my exclusive formulation that promotes the delivery of active ingredients into the skin, while supporting the natural lipid structures. It nourishes, moisturizes and soothes so that your skin feels dewy soft, plump and youthful.

Gota Kola – Indian herb of immortality and so soothing to inflammation; it promotes collagen synthesis and was included in my original Empress Elixir formula. I have made a new form of extract this time, to be non-oily – but equally powerful!

Sandalwood hydrosol is specifically used for mature skins. This one is made by me here in my Devon Studio with real sandalwood bark from India that I distill in my copper still.

Empress Elixir was named for the extraordinary 132.5-carat Golden Empress Diamond. Prior to cutting the raw diamond, gemologists at Graff, the owners, “spent many months studying the nuances of the stone… [after which] imagination, exceptional skill and intense precision came into play.”* This is similar to the process of creating Empress Elixir, which requires a profound knowledge and artistry that can only be mastered through the crucial “10,000 hours” of focussed work.
An elixir is an alchemical “preparation designed to… prolong life indefinitely; a sovereign remedy”** for all ills. While Wendy would hardly claim to have discovered the Fountain of Youth, she has worked her magic to bring you the multi-faceted, nuanced and exquisite Empress Elixir, bringing the art of self-nurturing to an entirely new level.

Now you can offer loving-kindness to your skin with the most nourishing skin serum this side of Shangri La. Only one pump twice daily boosts elasticity, firmness and suppleness. Buy yours today!

Empress Elixir suits all skin types and smooths out scars and lines. Dark Violet Miron glass protects Empress Elixir’s precious extracts. Now in spill-proof pump dispenser.

Raw, organic and activated to align you with Universal flow.

Vegetarian, vegan friendly and non-comedogenic. Tested on friends. (Never animals).

Directions: Pump once into your hand. Press onto your skin with gentle fingertapping.

For best results, use with Jardin de Fleurs cleanser, Drench collagen-building facial spray and Heart of Eternity face cream.


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NEW – Empress Elixir