Prebiotic Sandalwood Hand Repair Cream

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I am putting this product to the vault for the time being… Meaning that you can’t order it until I decide to bring it out again.

Why Prebiotic Hand Repair?

Do your hands look like they just spent three months in the Sahara Desert?

I designed this very special edition cream to soothe your parched and cracked hands when they’re gasping for repair and relief.

Whether you’ve been gardening, experimenting with DIY projects, finishing chores, hiking in the sun and wind, sculpting, potting, or just keeping up with the insane amount of hand washing demanded by the Covid craziness, your hands will love feeling renewed to silken smoothness with Prebiotic Sandalwood Hand Repair.

Absorbs fast, deep-down, without being oily or sticky, for soft-as-velvet skin.

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Why “Prebiotic”?

Skin pre-biotics address the damage done by soap, sanitizer and alcohol to your dermal barrier. While these three cleaners may be necessary, they are very drying and can irritate your skin, sometimes leading to painful rashes and reactions.

To counteract these negative effects, I’ve added two top prebiotics to protect your hands:

Fresh, organic, anti-aging Cornish seaweed extracted in my studio holds in moisture and adds minerals to restore suppleness.

Mayan Tepezcohuite, extracted in a double alchemical process – enhances collagen stimulation and skin elasticity, keeping your skin plumped-up and flexible.

What else makes Prebiotic Sandalwood Hand Repair work so well?

Glad you asked!

Handcrafted sandalwood hydrosol from the Glow Studio to feed your skin. Hydrosol is the Queen of liquids – a distillation of pure plant materials in the form of captured aqueous vapour (mist). With its subtle aroma, sandalwood hydrosol calms physical and emotional irritation and is fabulous for your skin, diminishing redness and reducing inflammation. Big Brands use ye plain chlorinated tap water as their main ingredient, a practice Glow abhors since it does nothing for you. Sandalwood Hand Repair relies on pure hydrosol as its basic component – no tap water or chemicals included!

St John’s Wort extract in ultra-nourishing macadamia oil. St John’s Wort is a powerful skin healer with a long history of treating minor wounds and burns, sunburns, abrasions, bruises, contusions, ulcers, and myalgia. And it lifts your spirits! When scientists compared the mood-lifting effects of St John’s Wort to fluoxetine anti-depressants, the herb was the clear winner.

South Island Tamanu is the ultimate anti-aging ingredient. This rich, dark green nut oil promotes the growth of healthy skin and tissue regeneration. Wonderful for cracked and chapped skin. Tamanu offers natural UV protection at an average level of SPF 20.

With these extra-special ingredients, Prebiotic Sandalwood Hand Repair will bring out the best in your hands, no matter what they’ve been through.

Pre-Order your precious hand-rejuvenating treatment now!

prebiotic hand cream

2 reviews for Prebiotic Sandalwood Hand Repair Cream

  1. Sophia K – Ascot (store manager)

    Thank you for sending the hand cream so swiftly….oh my what a wonderful scent and it feels wonderful on the skin too. Always always pushing the boundaries with your genius mixing!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Wendy, your new creme is an absolute delight! Light as a cloud, melts into my skin on contact, smells divine, feels like the touch of an angel’s wing. What could be better? I’m very grateful and excited to have such a wonderful creme for my skin. (And, BTW, I’m using it on my face and loving it!) People who don’t buy your products can’t even imagine what they’re missing out on because they’ll never find this quality anywhere else.

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