Your No-Nonsense Guide to Hot Flashes & Night Sweats


How to reduce that heat that interferes with your precious sleep!

Sleep is the keystone to wellbeing – physically and emotionally. Without good rest, we are a wreck waiting to crash the next day.
Lack of sleep also makes us put on weight!

After 8 plus years of hot flashes and night sweats, Wendy made a list of things that helped.

So save yourself thousands of hours research, and costly experimenting on things that don’t work.  Speak with Wendy today and get some practical advice to help you get your beauty sleep.

You will have a  1-2-1 consultation with Wendy who will send you a personalized set of steps you can take.

Calls take place between 09:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT.

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Your No-Nonsense Guide to Hot Flashes & Night Sweats