Magic Serum #1


Hollywood Makeup Artist Collection – Magic Serum #1

Welcome to the first of my magic serums!

Magic Serum #1 is designed for professional makeup artists to improve your clients’ skin health so you can use less makeup. (Non-professionals can use this Serum, too, if you want better results with your makeup.)

It is light-textured to create a beautiful base so foundation glides on and stays on without clumping, caking, or clogging skin.

As a palette for the artistry of the professional makeup artist, high-quality skin is a huge bonus, especially under the all-seeing eye of the HD camera. Magic Serum #1 is hand-crafted in small batches from only the best natural ingredients. There are NO fillers in this product. I don’t even use tap water, which is a common ingredient in most skin preparations. Instead, I use only pristine hydrosols that feed skin while smoothing and soothing.

As a makeup artist, you know that concealing blemishes, discolouration, oily patches, and damaged skin is a lot of work. When your client has good skin, that makes your job easier and quicker, and you use up less of your own kit. My products are designed with all of this in mind.

My goal for you, in making this special serum, is to help skin improve so that you can choose when and where to apply foundation/concealer… or decide whether your client can go “bare” (or bare with base). Magic Serum #1 is especially good for clients with skin that is sensitized or prone to breakouts. You can confidently assure your clients that you’re applying a serum that will make their skin better while you create the wow look they love!

Not a professional makeup artist but want better results with your makeup? You can use Magic Serum #1, too! Just follow the instructions below…

How to Use It:

First apply Vitamin C Brightening Serum. Let it sink in.
Now apply Magic Serum #1. Allow it to bond with the Brightening Serum. You’re ready to  layer on foundation, SPF or simply go bare!  :-)


What real women say about Magic Serum #1:

“I have been trying Serum #1 which I have to say is fab! I have tried it on its own and then on top of the Vit C serum under foundation…. It Really works!! For some reason the Vit c serum with Serum #1 bonds, sinks in magically and then forms a barrier holding the foundation. I allow the Vit C serum to sink in first then apply a little bit of magic serum 1# and voila!” – Sophia


Full List of Gorgeous Ingredients:

Aqua (Neroli hydrolat)

Dewlock Rose extract (A bespoke extract made by Wendy in her Studio)

Helichrysum extract (A bespoke extract made by Wendy in her Studio)

SAP Vitamin C

Licorice extract (A bespoke extract made by Wendy in her Studio)

Seaweed Complex (A bespoke extract of Cornish Seaweeds made by Wendy in her Studio)


Glycerine, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate

Reiki infused to activate your body’s inner healing energies and soothe your senses


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